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January 11, 2008 8:44 am





This is a Quick Reference Guide for GroupWise Webaccess 7. If you have new users who are starting to use GroupWise Webaccess, this could be nice to have.

Let’s begin with the login page:

Figure 1 – WebAccess login page

The first two boxes are simple: just enter your username and password. Then you have an option for Connection speed. In the old days of the Internet, when only rich people had a fast Internet connection, it would have been nice to choose the Low connection speed. This way, with a slow Internet connection, the GroupWise Webaccess page would still perform nicely. I never hear of people using the Low connection speed option these days.

You can also choose the Basic Interface. This is the old GroupWise 6 WebAccess Interface. I don’t hear of people using this one, either.

What could be a useful option is “Remenber my settings”. This way you don’t have to re-create your settings every time you go to the WebAccess web page.

1. Enter your user credentials and click Login.

Once logged in, you’ll see a screen like this, with small text boxes:

Figure 2 – WebAccess interface

Below is the Calendar View:

Figure 3 – Calendar view

On this page are Address Book options. The Default view of the Address Book is empty; you can use a wildcard to search for someone.

Figure 4 – Address Book view

2. Click Search to see a list of all the GroupWise users that are in your GroupWise system.

Figure 5 – Results of Address Book search

In the Address Books dropdown list, you can see a couple of GroupWise Default addressbooks. The GroupWise Address Book it a list of all users in you system.

You also have a personal address book and a frequent contact address book you can use.

You can use the Personal address book to store all your personal addresses. The Frequent contact address book is filled automatically with all users you have sent e-mails to.

Vacation Rules

Creating a vacation rule in WebAccess 7 is really simple.

1. In the upper-left corner, click Options.

Figure 6 – Selecting Options

This window appears:

Figure 7 – Options window, Rules tab

2. Click the Rules tab.

3. Click Create.

Figure 8 – Create Rule dialog

4. Enter a Rule name, the Subject, and the message that recipients will see.

5. Click Save, and your Rule is active.

I hope you like this brief Quick Reference Guide for new GroupWise Webaccess 7 users.

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