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March 28, 2007 8:14 am





Microsoft Management Summit

A few of my Novell friends are out in San Diego this week representing Novell at the Microsoft Management Summit 2007, great to have Novell represented at such an event. As Jeff Jaffe mentioned in the Monday keynote at BrainShare “With ZENworks Configuration Management, our aspiration is to be the best manager for Vista desktops”, we just need the world to know.

With ZENworks Configuration Management it’s going to be a lot more easy to attract non-Novell customers to consider using ZENworks as their management solution for Vista, the fact that we can hook up with Active Directory directly without doing any schema extensions in AD makes user based application management in an AD environment a piece of cake.

The amount of customers planning a full roll-out of Vista within the next few months seems to be limited, however several customers and partners are evaluating Vista as a potential platform for the future. Together with their evaluation of Vista, customers and partners will also be looking at the management products available and will try to determine what is the right tool to manage Vista, so the right time to get in to new customers with ZENworks (but yes, that’s the same our competition will think 😉 ).

It’s going to be an interesting year for ZENworks….

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  1. Novell is absolutely missing out by not having hands-on-labs to showcase Zen and Vista delivery via Zen. Most of the faithful here think of Zen in the “Must have Novell servers” mode, and a hands-on would help. It’s not enough to hang out in the booth and answer questions.

  2. By:Ron van Herk

    I have to agree that showing how easy it is to configure a user source has a lot more impact then just talking about how great thing’s are. Last week we did lots of demo’s at BrainShare, and as far as I’m aware there are some demos of ZCM running at the Novell booth at MMS as well. At MMS we are however mainly focused at ZAM, ZPM and SecureWave (there are some reasons for that 😉 )

    If you want to see the product, just get to the booth and ask for it, it’s running but just not as the primary thing for this event.

    I’m sure we will get more vocal when we get closer to the release this summer, demos included….

  3. I’m assuming that since ZCC is in direct competition with SMS (or whatever they’re going to call it in the future) they probably don’t want to let you focus on the desktop management piece too much.

    I enjoyed your BOF classes Ron. Keep up the good work.