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Welcome: Let’s Build the Cloud Formations Blog Together


May 3, 2010 5:29 pm






Welcome to the Cloud Formations blog sponsored by Novell. This blog will explore issues related to cloud computing including:

  • The upside of the cloud: The cloud has many positive features. I plan to look at these and explore reasons you might be interested in cloud computing.
  • Good cloud implementation examples: There are many IT functions that could be moved to the cloud such as email and storage. We will explore some of the options.
  • Cloud models: We tend to lump any internet-based software into the cloud, but there are differences among platform, infrastructure and software as a service and we will investigate those differences.
  • Private versus Public clouds: We hear a lot about public clouds (such as Google services) and private clouds, which you might create in your own data center. We will look at the differences and why you might choose one over the other.
  • Security: Can your data be safe in the cloud? It’s something we’ll look at closely.
  • Governance: How can you maintain sound document management practices when your data is on someone else’s servers?
  • Data ownership: Although most Terms of Service clearly outline data ownership, it’s still an issue for some IT executives. We’ll look this issue and look at ways you can ensure your data remains your own. 
  • Business issues around viability, cost and ownership: There are lots of worries about the long-term viability of cloud companies, what happens if a company gets sold, whether pricing structures will change over time. We will try to find real-world examples of how companies are coping with these issues.
  • Cloud News: If a major story breaks in cloud computing, we will try to cover it if we can.
  • Novell Cloud News: If Novell has a product or service that can help you resolve some of the issues and concerns, we will report on it here.

It’s important to understand that while this is a Novell-sponsored blog and we will report on Novell products and services from time to time, we will look at the cloud market from a broad perspective. Look for 3 posts a month for starters, but we hope to build the blog over time and add more posts.

As with any blog, it requires two-way communication, so if there are subjects that you don’t see in this list, please feel free to contact me with your ideas. I also encourage you to comment on my posts, push back and offer your own thoughts and ideas about the subjects we discuss. You don’t always have to agree with me. In fact, I expect there will be times when we don’t. I only ask that you keep the conversation civil and avoid personal attacks.

I look forward to building this blog with your help. Let’s get started…


Photo Credit: Kevin Dooley on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons License.

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