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What does interoperability mean for you?


November 17, 2009 3:30 pm





You may have, and should have, noticed about Novell using the term interoperability a few times.

Wikipedia refers to interoperability as „the ability of diverse systems and organizations to work together„ This became one of Novell’s key strategies in the past.
And many of Novell’s applications already fit into this strategy. While some of them are already following this strategy path, others are still being developed and extended that way.
One of the products which has taken a great step forward in terms of interoperability is the Open Enterpriser Server. Especially Service Pack 1 of the Open Enterprise Server bought us a new technology called Domain Services for Windows.
Like almost no other feature this demonstrates how interoperability can look like.
With the Domain Services we provide Active Directory Services in an Linux environment, Windows environment or even in a mixed environment. We allow seamless authentication for desktops, applications and services.

For more information about Domain Services for Windows check this link:

While many customers looked at this cool piece of technology, they quickly came up with use cases for it.

One of these often requested use cases was to leverage Domain Services with Citrix XenDesktop, that only supported Active Directory for authentication.
But recently Citrix and Novell worked together to provide our customers the support they have asked for.

Citrix posted their support statement here:

Novell does not formally list supported applications that leverage Open Enterprise Features, but in fact we do support them. Citrix solutions like XenDesktop is one of them.

However to properly setup XenDesktop with Domain Services you need some extra steps when installing XenDesktop or reconfigure the services on the Windows side.
One of the Citrix System Engineers created a simple nifty utility to help Administrators with that configuration which can also be done using just the Windows server registry.


You can find the tool and some additional setup informations here:

While this is a first step, we are currently engaging other major 3rd party vendors for support statements and certifications of Domain Services.

If you wish to see specific support for other solutions then let us know. We might not be able to chase down all of them at once but we would like to know which ones are your preferred vendors.

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  1. By:seco

    Would be nice to have Trend Micro support the Novell Domain Services.