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What have I been up to?


September 28, 2007 1:23 pm





It’s been a few weeks since I last blogged so what have I been up to?  Well, one of the most recent things was dealing with DST in New Zealand.  Just like the US they moved their start and end dates.  We tackled it by licensing a custom made module for Omni Riva.  The module inserts a query folder into everyones mailbox that displays all appointments in the extra weeks of DST.  Riva has a large amount of other modules already available.

We are approaching closed Beta for GroupWise Bonsai and GMS on Linux is already in closed Beta so our engineering teams are working flat out.  Teaming+Conferencing is also in closed beta right now and it’s looking good.  The other thing that we are about to embark on is nailing down the features for GroupWise Monterrey, which is the version after Bonsai.  All in all, October is going to be a busy month.

There are a mountain of other things that I am working on right now, which I will be sure to blog about when I am able to.  And of course, a few of us are in Miami next week for GW Advisor, which looks like it will be good week.

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  1. By:Flyingguy

    How about LESS work on NEW features but MORE work on feature parity between the clients AND getting the API’s cleaned up and shipped so that they too can be used x-platform so we can start writing other tools for the client side that will make GW more attractive to the various businesses that already have it, but are being pressured to jump to Exchange and for those business that are just starting to choose a collaboration system want to take on GW instead of Exchange or Notes.

    Also how about getting T+C FULLY GW integrated, drive the T+C interface from the GW database for those that already have GW systems in place so we don’t have to play Is it in GW or is it in T+C games. Use the MySQL/Sendmail/QMail/Whatever-mail fr those who dont have a GW system.

    To much to ask???

  2. Thanks for all your hard work guys I’m looking forward to seeing whats coming

  3. By:FlyingGuy

    And in your copious spare time, how about adding a new visibility lever to distribution groups call “Member”? This would make many many people happy and I would think be of minimal effort, but thats only a WAG.