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What’s New in Novell Vibe 3.3!

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June 15, 2012 12:21 pm

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We are excited about the new release of Novell Vibe 3.3 and wanted to share a few tutorial videos about some new and improved functionality with Landing Pages, Workflow Transitions, Document Management, Folder Management, Calendar Events, and Tasks. Please click on the video links below to find ways to better use Novell Vibe. We hope these videos are useful.

Video: Workflow Business Days Transition

This video shares a new feature in Novell Vibe 3.3 which allows users to designate a transition in a workflow based on business days when before, the setting was only set up for calendar days.

Video: Add Rows to Tables

This video highlights a new feature in the 3.3 release of Novell Vibe which allows a user to choose the number of rows in a table element in addition to the columns.

Video: Move and Copy Files and Discussion Folders

This video shows the new Move and Copy functionality for Files and Discussion folders in Novell Vibe.

Video: My Calendar Events

This video shows off the new My Calendar Events feature in Novell Vibe 3.3 that displays the events to which the logged in user is subscribed.

Video: My Tasks

This video highlights the new My Tasks feature in Novell Vibe 3.3 that displays task details to which the logged in user is subscribed.

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  1. By:Spauwels

    Sometimes pictures of videos are better than a text ….

    Tx for what you made …


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