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Where Can You Find Novell Products on the New

Gil Cattelain


May 31, 2016 3:33 pm





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Ever since Novell was acquired by Micro Focus, our team has been hard at work marrying the two brands into a single cohesive entity under the Micro Focus name. It’s been a long process, with the most recent milestone being the integration between and We’re excited to announce that, just recently, we successfully completed the first phase of this project.

As you can see, we now have a fresh, new Micro Focus website, with its clean and organized layout and more organized. We’re very happy with the way it turned out, and we hope that you are as well.

Moving forward, however, many of our longtime Novell customers will undoubtedly be asking how to find products formerly branded under the Novell name (like ZENworks, GroupWise, Filr, etc.).

To find Novell’s former products, all you have to do is hover your mouse over the “Products & Solutions” button near the top of the screen. You’ll find Novell’s former products under the sections labeled Endpoint Management, Collaboration and File and Networking Services. We’ll continue to integrate these sections over the next few weeks, so stay tuned for more updates!

We hope you’ll also check out the new presentation about Micro Focus on the homepage—click on “Our Vision.” As the video explains, we’ve adopted the mantra “Build, Operate and Secure” to show how Micro Focus is enabling customers to create and implement the systems they need to compete.

Ultimately, this all ties into a single message: There has never been a better time to be associated with Micro Focus. Whether you’re an existing, new or prospective customer or business partner, our brand is committed to providing your organization with the technology solutions it needs to thrive.

Thanks for reading!

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