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Where does Novell stand in Identity Management rat race ???


January 21, 2008 8:10 am





Off late I am noticing a lot of organizations are keen on Sun and Oracle IDM products, although my experience says that the formers are still maturing and at times fail to deliver the simplicity which Novell IDM offers.

With this in mind I would like to have the views of other consultants who have experienced the contending products in the market.

Let’s have a healthy discussion………

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  1. By:arkitek

    Sun’s IDM is based on the virtual directory Waveset…it only does maybe 50% of eDirectory and it’s supporting product suite. At the moment I do not remember Oracles pedigree for its IDM.
    I do know that Oracle’s IDM makes very impressive Proof of Concept installations. Handedly beat out IBM (big surprise-IBM failed due to people decisions they assigned to implement the POC), and HP for a very large IDM roll out. Novell was invited and dismissed as a matter of practice. The executives in charge pushed MS and MAD originally in the past. They are now in charge and made sure Novell did not get any consideration.

    My experiences within US Fortune 500 companies shows that Microsoft advocates within these companies support any other IDM except Novell. They will not allow any Novell product (including SuSE) into the company. It is very easy to convince non-technical executives that Novell has no technology worth looking at. That is why MS beat out Novell in the market – lack of affective product.
    Since MS won the FUD marketing war, MS technologist and users are now the decision makers in corporate America. Many careers have been made on MS technology, the heavy fees paid for the increased infrastructure support costs were borne and set in place by previous executives. Today it is forgotten. Being non-technical, executives depend on the desktop / server and Mid-server staffs to help guide the technical direction…they very affectively keep all Novell products from consideration.

    I have been in the thick of many of these internal wars. Have a MCNE, was hacking eDir and training others years before Novell’s Certified Directory Engineer was created. Have lead very large Waveset, Tivoli Identity & Access Manager POC,s, plus advanced design classes on same, etc. Don’t read this and think I do not support Novell. I am still red inside and outside (you can mix some green in there too)! eDirectory is still years ahead of MAD. I only consider CA’s directory as useful outside of Novell.

    • By:edir4ever


      Nice hearing your views and exp about other contending IDM products. Your views about MS developers and engineers camouflaging flaws in MS products and mis-lead non-techs is very true. Based on my exp with Novell as a company, what I feel is they quickly need to change their management strategies about placing their products with others. I have seen in a lot of place that Novell lose focus simply because of their lack in perseverance. Other jug-heads keep following with their under-developed products… anyway to keep the discussion on… i would invite others to share their experience and insight in how Novell excel and where it lacks… I hope this would do good for the RED.