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Who is Jon Giffard?


December 7, 2007 4:40 am





Martin Buckley, a.k.a the Evil Zen Scientist, rightly pointed out that I’d posted my first coolblog without introducing myself.

Let me put right this breach of etiquette with my 2nd post

I’ll avoid listing interests, hobbies and pets although if anyone has any advice on how to stop one of my cats bringing live frogs into the house , I’d appreciate it.

My involvement with Novell started off as an user, all the way back to Netware 3.11 and a bit of v2.2. This moved onto a consultancy role for a medical software company who used Netware 3.12 for its traditional role providing file and print services, but also hosted a virtualized operating system known as BOS.

That’s right. Virtual OS on Netware 3.12 back in the mid 90s.

As time progressed I moved onto various positions, including working with EZS experiencing the delights of SFT III running on multiple CPU servers. Most of the latter part of my career has been involved with service desks and systems management before joining Novell in July of this year in the SRM division.

Well that’s me.

One question for the audience. Who can recall the different colours used by the Netware snake screen saver when running on multiple CPUs? The first was red, but for the life of me I can’t recall what the others were for a 4 CPU server.

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  1. By:JJT

    For 2 processors, you had red and blue. I believe for 4 processors, you had red, blue, green, and yellow.

  2. By:Jim henderson

    I’m pretty sure JJT is correct – those were the first four colours that came to mind for me.

  3. By:Mike Richichi

    Looks like red, blue, cyan, and green to me. (don’t know the order of cyan and green.) Verified by running scrsaver.nlm on a dual core, dual proc box.

    Anyone have a dual quad-core running NetWare to see what the next 4 colors are?

  4. In all seriousness – this is an 8 bit additive colour space; the missing ones would be magenta, yellow and white.

    I’ve no idea if anyone ever considered an eight core box 🙂

  5. By:Martin Irwin

    This is sounding very much like an old Monty Python skit from the 60s era. Grin

  6. By:Flyingguy

    Well I will all let you know the mystery answer soon as I will be loading NETWARE 6.5 SP7 on a dell with dual quad-core Zeons. Should be interesting.

    * *
    * *

  7. By:Mike Faris

    At BS 1999, Compaq had a box that had eight snakes on it. It was a POC server so they wouldn’t let us “look under the hood”.

  8. By:JohnD(CNE)

    Now I have a new task! Re-create the snake screensaver in Linux.
    Maybe I’ll do that before I work on re-creating Monitor…..

  9. By:Patrick Farrell

    Want to bet I could substitute a dual core xeon for that box and you wouldn’t notice the performance difference? 🙂 Ok seriously, what in the world are you running on netware that will make use of more than 2 cores?

  10. By:Tim Edmonds

    I would like to see someone port DSBROWSE to Linux.

  11. By:Flyingguy

    Actually nothing I am going to do it just because I have the box laying around for a little while.
    It is actually running SLES 10 at the moment, and to SLES it just looks like an 8 way.

  12. By:Flyingguy

    Hey great! I never run the freaking GUI if I can avoid it. I would LOVE to have the snakes running on my SLES box. It is so nice to just be able to look across the server room and in one brief glance be able to see the server load.

  13. By:Flyingguy

    I would love to have the following ported:

    MONITOR.nlm – HUGE functionality
    TCPCON.nlm – HUGE functionality
    DSBROWSE.NLM – HUGE functionality
    DSTRACE.BLM – HUGE functionality

  14. By:Flyingguy

    Better Yet, just put the snakes back into Monitor.nlm and give the ability to lock down the console.

    There is no Linux counterpart to Monitor.NLM – seriously, show me the utility in Linux where I can ( monitor all connections, their open files, kill connections in a single keystroke, see the IP address of the connection, see the current server performance ( PER PROCESSOR, Per Thread, Per User, Per Application, volume usuage, All loaded Modules, Cache Utilization, State of my lan/wan drivers and all the data points therein ).

    There is no Linux counterpart to TCPCON.NLM – Not even Netstat unless someone knows how to use netstat to kill a specific socket connection.

  15. By:Eric

    SDIDIAG is nice too…

    But yeah, scrsaver was nice. Were the colors different for physical versus logical (hyper-threading) cpu’s?

  16. By:flyingGuy

    Each core is seen as a completely seperate CPU, so with a dual core you get two, with a quad core you get 4, and in a few days I will let you all know what a dual-quad-core machine shows as.

  17. By:flyingguy


    The colors of the snames on a server with two, quad core xeon processors are as follows:

    light blue ??

    Ohh well, there are 8 colorfull snakes..

    Display Processors shows processor 0 through 7

    So there you have it! All the news thats fit to print.

    I will now be installing SLED onto the machine to be an Oracle server.