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We’re well underway in our campaign to get Novell back to its roots. As a customer, you are back in the driver’s seat. After all, your needs and requirements have been the primary reason why our products do precisely what real people need them to do. And we’re back in the business of listening to you like we did in the good old days.

We recently asked Cool Solutions readers to tell us what they love about Novell, and how they’ve managed to keep Novell in their organization over the years, despite fierce competition and changes in fashion.

The results revealed a unique loyalty to the classic Novell product lines, and a highly pragmatic line of reasoning: if it works, why replace it?

Here is a nice sampling of responses, from people who have come to rely on Novell’s technologies to make life easier for end users and IT alike. Feel free to add your own comments to this article.

Why Our Customers Choose Novell

It just works

  • it works – Michael C.
  • It works. — Sami K., HAMK University, Finland
  • it works — Olivier Kuhn
  • IT simply works. – Anthony Summers
  • their products work and work and work. (…..And I can’t stand Microsoft) – Mark Casey, Sydney, Australia
  • it still delivers. – Peter S., Loerrach, Germany
  • It gets the job done… Gursharan B.
  • Everything for the most part just works. The products are solid and stable. – Steven U., USA
  • It just plain runs. Needs little to no attention. – Steve Singhose, Western Computer Consulting Group, Port Angeles, USA
  • it works ! – with minimal admin manpower maximum user-efficiency – CO
  • Because their products WORK out of the box the first time and every time. – William Swisher, Cincinnati, USA
  • It is a rock solid product. Why would you want anything less? – Fraser Morrison
  • I believe in their products. Yes Novell have had their issues but I’d rather stick with what I know works! – Simon Flood, Cambridge, UK

Great Technology

  • Novell has superior technology, the best support on the planet, the lowest TCO, and the least bloated feature set of all the alternatives out there. Why would I switch? – Michael W., Overland Park, USA
  • I believe Novell has wonderful and mature technology that is years ahead of competition (eDirectory, IDM, NSS, DST, GroupWise, etc.) – Milko Simeonov, INTERPRO, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Always had great products. Though in the last few years, I was begining to question. Now with the renewed focus and energy, it is beginning to feel like its “cool” to be associated with Novell-again. — Craig Canfield
  • Novell products are still the best. – Andy D., Buffalo Grove, USA
  • I can recognize, that the products are getting better (GW 2012, ZCM 11SP2, OES11). I hope some cool features are coming soon (FILR)– Stefan Koerbel, Aschaffenburg, Germany
  • The products are technically superior and integrate well, and are far superior to many more widely used products on the market! – Mark Currie, Melbourne, Australia
  • There is no better directory then eDirectory. We rely heavily on Novell for File Services on OES. SLES is our Linux distro of choice with over 150 servers. – Mike C.
  • products like the ZCM suite are feature-wise far the best on the market. – Switzerland
  • Novell is the best of breed when it comes to Network OS and interoperability Novell continues to improve and innovate. — Stephen S., Calgary, Canada
  • Novell provides a solid infrastructure for my collaboration and identity needs. – Roger D., USA
  • You make excellent products and you think out of the box. We use GroupWise, ZENworks, OES and all are top notch. — Grant N.
  • Despite its ups and downs over the years, the company is now, more than ever, dedicated to inventing, designing, supporting products that are technically excellent, and fill business needs I didn’t even know I had. — Michael Mollard, Moreton Bay College, Brisbane, Australia
  • Novell fuses together different technologies and because it’s constantly evolving. — Moscow
  • Products that are innovative, clever and actually work reliably. A lot of the new features in ZCM are actually things I thought it needed and some things I didn’t know it needed, but are actually quite innovative. – Leon Wright, Perth, Australia
  • Novell has best technology on the market – Alex B., Thornhill, Canada
  • the OES and ZENworks products are awesome and covers all of your needs! – Martin B.
  • The Novell Products brings features that are very useful for the users and for the admins. These useful features are then perhaps implemented in MS products but many years after Novell brought them. These features are there in the base products and not in some obscure or costly Desktop Enhancement Pack or Ressource Kits. Some examples: salvage, partitioned eDir replication, volatile profiles (ZENworks), delete already sent mails (GroupWise), etc. – Michel Py, Biel, Switzerland
  • it has the best messaging system. — Arjan Anthonisse
  • the Novell GroupWise email system and GroupWise Messenger are very reliable and very easy to use. — Norzaini Mohamed Sani
  • I have always found their products to be intuitively designed for ease of use and management. – Joshua Pitlick, Washington, DC
  • It is simply cool and secure, documents and references are easily to find. – Chris S., Singapore
  • The quality of Novell products, through and through, have always proved themselves to be more stable than competition. Despite the bad mouthing other companies give Novell, you can’t keep a good man down. SLES, IDM, NAM, and even though it’s no longer with us, NetWare have always proven their worth and reliability, day in and day out. I’ll put Novell products up against any others and always win when it comes down to the truth. — Michael Faris, Dallas, USA
  • The products do what we need them to do. – Ken E., USA
  • their products have worked well for us and served the needs of our users. – Alan McCain
  • you still have great products and gorgeous support… — UB, Germany

Stability & Reliability

  • I rarely have a problem that requires more than a reboot. Several of our servers have been retired with 2, 3 even 4 YEARS of uptime (without a reboot!) and there is nothing more satisfying than a mail server with 900 days of uptime! Network admins can sleep soundly at night knowing that their Novell servers are working like they should! — Scott Foreman
  • it is the most reliable system on the market – PJ, Netherlands
  • Reliability of the products – Stuart B
  • the software products are the most reliable and flexible in the market space. — Peter Wachs, Inform GmbH, Aachen, Germany
  • The products just work and we don’t HAVE to throw large sums of money at the system all the time. I love the simplicity of the different software products, even though we use only a small portion of what is available. I like the part where they just work, and management likes not having a system that hogs our budget. I’m very happy Novell is listening to what we need. I always knew they wanted to, but I also know business forces can change what you should do, and hopefully that is all behind us as the new Novell emerges! I look forward to what the future holds and especially using the new products! — Jon R., Grand Rapids
  • My Agency values the stability and richness of Novell products. – Peter G.
  • If something is wrong with a product, service and support are working well. – Alexander L.
  • Stability, productivity, and good solutions for us – Pedro de la Iglesia Amaro, Opengal Sistemas Abiertos S.L.N.E, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
  • I still love the product and the stability/scalability/price/usability is still very good. — Mark Verschuren, Netherlands
  • Novell products are easy to use, easy to deploy, secure and reliable. — Venkateswara Rao Nagula


  • I like the products. I like security. I like high functionality with low costs. I started with Novell. My knowledge is based upon Novell’s world. I like the color red. — Diethmar Rimser, Austria
  • Reliability, Security and Support, Peter T., Rochester, NH
  • Security! Also the manner in which you assign and deny rights. Drivers and Applications are getting harder to obtain for Novell, but I keep hanging in there because I love the product. We also love GroupWise, running off of Novell. And it does not get any better than ZEN. — Cheryle Z., Training and Employment Consortium, La Grande
  • they can be trusted! — Marcel Ramaker, IT Service Essentials, Spijkenisse, Netherlands
  • Our IT department says it’s the most secure and HIPAA compliant. – EM

Cost Effectiveness

  • the product itself it good, stable and has the functionality we need. And the price is also perfect. – Mark Verschuren
  • It lets me do more with less (hardware) which makes my budget happy. — Tracy Carlton, R & R Transportation Group, Joplin, MO, USA
  • Novell allows us to save money and gives us the flexibility to deliver to our customers. — Grant N.
  • it’s stable and affordable. — Wallace F.
  • I believe it is truly the best value for our dollar in an educational environment. Compared to the other competitors out there, Novell can still hold its own. — Nathan Forrest
  • They are low cost when compared to the other products which gives same functionality — Venkateswara Rao Nagula
  • Good value for our money. – Peter G
  • Novell produces stable Products for an attractive price, also for small and mid-size Companies. – Alexander L.
  • It is quite low priced for us as an university through the MLA. 🙂 – GG., University Mozarteum Salzburg, Austria

Easy on IT

  • I love being with my family on weekends and the evenings! The big red N allows me to enjoy what matters in life instead of worry about work. – Robert Johnson
  • I love ZCMs robust features! I can easily manage all of our Laptops and Desktops statewide. — Chris F.
  • no other locally-hosted products scale as well with the flexibility of design and excellence of engineering we require. – Johnnie Odom, Pensacola, USA
  • NetWare and ZENworks 4 was in place when I started my current job 8 years ago. I now use ZENworks 11 to manage 1000 computers with only one assistant. I often hear from admins at other schools with much larger IT teams, using other management solutions, and I’m confident we are way ahead of them in our ability to effectively manage our technology. – RV
  • It’s stable, maintenance free (well, extremely low) and fast and secure. — Martijn Spruit, Central Bureau of Genealogy, The Netherlands
  • your products need less maintenance (less work for me). – Patric L., msw-winterthur, Winterthur, Switzerland
  • I heard of Novell before but never really sure what it was. Then I got my current job, and Novell made things easier and more customizable then other products I seen and used. — Erasmo M., Elverson, USA
  • I just have to install it, and then get back to the stuff I want to work on. In a small environment, as the only IT support, I don’t have time to keep messing with Microsoft for my files and email. I hope the new Novell gives some consideration to the small offices that still need them. – Kathryn Carruthers, Canada
  • I love the way their products work, they are designed to work like I would design them -with common sense in mind. Products are stable, easy to manage and upgrades are easy – no major planning necessary just run the setup program and update – no migration to new servers etc. I can manage the products with less manpower than competing products as the programs just work and run themselves. – Ed Heiger, Univ. of Md. Physicians P.A. Baltimore
  • It works. I don’t have to hover over my servers, physical or virual for file, print, and email to work. — Tracy Carlton, R & R Transportation Group, Joplin, MO, USA
  • …the products are solid and really working well! our edir got created 1995, – without a crash! – Gerald Rodler, Graz, Austria
  • It provides security, management and peace of mind. — Izaz ul Haq, Norway
  • I want to leave my office at regular time each afternoon. – Pascal Guinet, INPES, Saint Denis, France
  • Always been a fan of administrative, policy based control.. and the fact that Novell has always put the admin first. – Aaron S., Sydney, Australia
  • It is quite easy to adminstrate by (just) one person for over 2.000 accounts. – GG., University Mozarteum Salzburg, Austria

Better than Microsoft

  • I don’t like Microsoft server products. – Switzerland
  • It’s the light in the dark Microsoft World. — DV, Netherlands
  • I have a life outside Windows – Tom A., Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Love Linux, Love thinking outside of the box – not following the “norm” and thinking of more efficient, different ways of achieving a task. – Aaron S., Sydney, Australia
  • The technology is still the best and most reliable. I don’t have to make excuses to my customers and employers about Windows this and Microsoft that. . – Colin MacKinnon, Transition IT, San Diego, USA
  • I don’t like Microsoft – Stefan Koerbel, Aschaffenburg, Germany


  • I value the products Novell produces. But perhaps more importantly, I value the community that Novell has always fostered. The Novell community is supportive, intelligent and helpful. When I’m working with Novell employees or their partners, I feel like I’m part of the family. — Danita Zanre, Caledonia, Parker, USA
  • I feel like part of the family. – Kenneth Johnson, Johnson Property Development, Molalla, Oregon, USA
  • It’s an easy company to work with and they listen when you need to have something added to a product, instead of telling you that more training is needed. The executive team and product managers are easily accessible and willing to assist whenever needed. — Mary Matthews, Grand Rapids, MI
  • They make good products and it’s cheap. Furthermore there’s an awesome Novell-community (TTP, Support Forums, mailing lists) and I think Novell is the only big software company in the world where the higher management knows a lot of users’ first and last names. – Bas Penris, Etty Hillesum Lyceum, Zwolle, Netherlands
  • When things do go sideways, the forums staffed by engineers/novell staff and if something is more urgent help is only a SR away. – Leon Wright, Perth, Australia


  • I have never have seen any other database than eDirectory, that has its basic roots in the 1990 and is still alive. – GG., University Mozarteum Salzburg, Austria
  • I’ve been doing Novell for 25 years, why should I stop ? – Hamish Speirs
  • the products are the best for our company. And this since more than 20 years. — ST, Frankfurt, Hessen
  • I understand the product and its easy to support. Been with Novell since NetWare 3.12. Been using GroupWise since it was called WordPerfect Office. I’m a MCNE NetWare 6.5 and working on the Linux Certification. NetWare has always been the most stable Server OS. My users are comfortable with Novell and don’t see the need to change to a MS Active Directory/Exchange environment. ZENworks gives the desktop/apps/security/inventory control that we need in a school environment. Knowledgebase, forums and tech support is top-notch. — James Alexander
  • It was one of the first networking products, it made us open our minds and learn of the future to come, our present. – Miguel Angel Cando, Transportadora de Gas del Sur, Capital Federal, Argentina
  • I’m with Novell products when NetWare 3.12 was on market, I was Novell products fan and still am. Last year I see steps in right direction, faster releases, more love for strong product trio OES, GroupWise and ZEN. I’m very happy, that Vibe has so rapid development cycle and is now very good product. – David K., Prague, Czech Republic
  • My expertise in “legacy” Novell products makes me a hot commodity in my area, where there are many large government agencies running NetWare, eDirectory and GroupWise, among other solutions. — Adam B., Elk Grove, USA
  • No other company in the world has endured the rough times and knocks Novell has and survived due to the ingenuity and quality of the companies software and services offerings. … the world class web support infrastructure empowering customers and partners alike. — Brett H. United Kingdom
  • I used Novell products from NetWare 286 2.x. I passed from the “bindery world” to “eDirectory world”. I have seen the progress of GroupWise since was a component of WordPerfect Office, to the solid and strong product that is today. I played NetWars with my partners and coworkers for countless hours… I connected SNA networks through those old NetWare for SAA gateways… I have used ZENworks to administer workstations and to distribute applications, since its first versions. I have over my desk, an original box of that marvelous Personal NetWare. And still I continue using Novell products, because no other can offer productive, reliable and versatile products… — Carlos Rivera, eIT Consulting Group C.A., Caracas, Venezuela
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