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ZCM, System Update 1


January 16, 2008 3:10 pm





System Update

We just released system update 1 for ZENworks Configuration Management, customers that have ZCM 10.0.1 installed will be able to update using the system update process described in the documentation.

If your server is still at 10.0.0, you will need to get to 10.0.1 first, TID 3407754 describes how to upgrade to 10.0.1 if your server is still at 10.0.0.

In many environments the primary server(s) won’t be able to get direct access to the internat and will need to go through an internet proxy. If you are in such an environment, have a look at TID 3087025, this describes how to configure ZCM to get the patches through a proxy server.

For the people that want to know what got fixed, we will be updating TID 3486285 with the details on what got fixed in this patch.

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  1. By:eric

    nice to have the TID references- but please Novell – two posts in a line about the same update.



  2. By:Ron van Herk

    Maybe we are just very happy that this update got released 🙂

    Martin did a more general post about the planned updates. I thought it would be useful to indicate that the Update 1 that Marting talked about got released and with that provide you some more info about how to get it installed.

  3. By:Tim Baum

    The TID does not list a fix for bug 3782316

    Was this part of the update or has it been left out?


  4. By:Ron van Herk

    Hi Tim,

    Yes the issue described in TID 3782316 is supposed to be fixed with SU1


  5. By:Leo

    Is the issue fixed that the validation of certificates during installation happens before the actual copying starts or does it still validate after the copying? (Meaning: you wait half an hour to see your certificates were invalid and you have to start over)

  6. Ron,

    With this update, also AdminStudio ZENworks Edition 8.5 ships. I think this is worth to mention. Is there any news on whether more than one license will be provided per zone? I can imagine that the typical ZENworks Administrator is not happy at all (especially the large organizations) that this has been limited:

    “Invalid Usage: Your license for Adminstudio ZENWorks edition allows only one activation per management console per user”.

    Why is this limited at all? With the first ZENworks Edition, we didn’t have activation at all. With ZENworks 7.0 and AdminStudio 7.x Macrovision brought activation in and now we also have limitations per zone. I like the full blown AdminStudio very much, but companies should be forced like this to buy it. Just my 2 cents on this 😉


    Roel van Bueren

  7. … sorry: should NOT be forced that is 🙂

  8. By:Gerhard

    We did anything described in TID 3486285 but we don´t see any updates so far. Also ZCM tells that the PRU are up to date…?
    Any Ideas?

  9. By:David Brightman

    Hey Ron
    How/why did the versioning and referencing get so confusing..?!?
    So 10.0.2 is System Update 1… What exactly was 10.0.1?!? 😉
    What happened to KISS!