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ZCM – Systems Deployment and Best Practices Guide


May 1, 2009 5:40 am





This summer Novell will work to update the Systems Deployment and Best Practices Guide for ZENworks 10 Configuration Management.

The purpose of the document is to describe the items that need to be considered when designing a ZENworks 10 Configuration Management solution and deploying it across small and large scale enterprises. The guide covers the following areas:

  • Performing Pre-Design Activities
  • Gathering Critical Information for Design Activities
  • Performing Design Activities
  • Deploying ZENworks Configuration Management
  • Deployment and Migration Scenarios
  • ZENworks Services
  • The ZENworks Configuration Management Architecture
  • ZENworks Configuration Management Tuning Parameters
  • What would you like to see added to the guide for the next version?

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    1. By:alexwarmerdam


      Is it possible to add the various deployment options for windows 7 in the best practice guide. img deployment, winpe, co-exist with mdt2010 and so on.

      The most poverfull option would be an xml generator. A good starting point for how it could look like is at this page:

      But with more options in it


      • By:aphilp

        Wow, this is an old blog. The best practice guide is meant more for deployment scenarios and how to get the infrastructure and configuration of ZENworks and the support infrastructure correct. I guess one could argue either way but to me this does sound like an intriguing topic and one I feel that could deserve its own document.