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ZENworks 10 Configuration Management public beta – an update



June 19, 2007 6:24 am





You broke our download infrastructure!

I’m tracking down the exact details – but the popularity and demand for this beta has caused many of you to get errors from our content distribution network.

This is the most popular beta program for a ZENworks release I have known. I would not be surprised if in excess of a Terabyte has been downloaded in the last day or so.

For those that are trying to get hold of the beta – here are a few tips:

From Michel Bluteau in Canada this tip:

After trying multiple tools for downloading ZCM10.ISO, which is 4 Gb, I realized that the most reliable and fastest tool for me was wget on SLED(SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop), also available on other Linux.
The command below will allow a partial download to resume, even if the initial download was performed with a different tool, with the -c option:

wget -c –http-user=username –http-password=password ‘

make sure you choose a filesystem that can handle a filesize bigger than 4 Gb. Reiser or ext3 will do, but vfat won’t for example.
I hope this info can save you some time.

Also the ISO is 4GB in size; this means that BorderManager as a proxy can’t handle it; also Internet Explorer has problems.

From Shaun Pond:

Looks like the file is >4gb, and IE doesn’t like this – for the moment,
use a download manager, such as flashget

Written at: midtown New York

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  1. By:Jared

    Goes to show what we expect from and about the product.

  2. By:Ian

    Anyone out in the field grab this yet? I haven’t had the time to try it out but some early opinions would be appreciated.

  3. By:Jeff Ferris

    When will documentation be posted? I’d rather not have to download the DVD just to get at the docs.

  4. By:Jeff Ferris

    Is there a schedule for when the other pieces will be integrated into the product?

  5. Jeff

    We’ll have Patch and Asset Management integrated pretty much straight away.