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ZENworks 10 Configuration Management SP2 (10.2) RC1


March 17, 2009 12:18 pm





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Special Testing Request

RC1 is available via System Update! We would like you to try updating from Beta 2 to RC1 via System Update and let us know your experience. Please note that updating from a build other than Beta 2 is not supported and may create unpredictable results.

You may also download the ISOs and perform a fresh install.

Steps to update:

  1. In ZENworks Control Center on a Beta 2 zone, click the Configuration tab.
  2. In the Product Licensing panel, click ZENworks 10 Configuration Management to display the Product Activation – ZENworks 10 Configuration Management page.
  3. Type the following Beta 1 key into the Product License Key field:
  4. 71AF6546-17E8F9243581

  5. Click OK to activate the license.
  6. Click the System Updates tab at the top of the page.
  7. In the Available System Updates panel, click Actions, then click Check for Updates.
  8. Select the check box next to Support Pack 2 for ZENworks 10 (10.2) RC1 – REQUIRES BETA2, then click Download Update.
  9. Deploy the update.

For more information about performing Steps 5 through 8, see Deploying Updates in the ZENworks 10 Configuration Management System Administration Guide (


What’s New in this build?

General Enhancements

  • Roaming Profile support for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.


  • Deactivate ZENworks 10 Patch Management SP2 on a device by deactivating ZENworks 10 Configuration Management SP2.
  • Activate ZENworks 10 Patch Management SP2 on a device when ZENworks 10 Configuration Management SP2 is deactivated.
  • Deactivate Asset Inventory for UNIX/Linux on a device by deactivating ZENworks 10 Configuration Management SP2 and ZENworks 10 Asset Management SP2.

Asset Management

  • Licensed Products now support License Allocations (a ZAM 7.5 feature).
  • Display of the discovered product usage metrics in ZENworks Control Center.
  • Added Oracle support to the ZAM 7.5 to ZAM 10 data migration utility.
  • Application Usage Monitor (client) supports standalone installation; the usage monitor client is not installed if ZAM is not licensed.

Asset Inventory

  • Import the inventory information from Novell eDirectory and Microsoft Active Directory.
  • All the retired devices and the retired components of devices are displayed in the Inventory Custom Reports.


  • Support for imaging of a device having multiple disks in the Windows Imaging Format (.wim) and GHOST Image format (.gho).

ZENworks Migration

  • Migrate user groups and container associations from traditional ZENworks to ZENworks 10 Configuration Management server that has Active Directory as the user source.


  • Installation of Reporting Server in the languages supported by ZENworks 10 Configuration Management.
  • Re-designed layouts for Predefined reports

Known Issues


Beta License Keys

The following license keys can be used for testing this release:

71AF6546-17E8F9243581 – ZENworks 10 Configuration Management SP2 BETA

C056F790-12C648260E4D – ZENworks 10 Asset Management SP2 BETA

F7A28B06-AA73FD8DA82A – ZENworks 10 Asset Inventory SP2 BETA

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