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ZENworks 10 Configuration Management SP3 (10.3) Release Candidate 2


March 11, 2010 4:23 pm

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ZENworks 10 Configuration Management SP3 (10.3) Release Candidate 2 is available as a full installation or via a downloadable .zip file that can be applied via System Update to a 10.2.x installation. Full installation instructions can be found in the file titled readme_zcm103rc2_download_instructions.pdf in the beta download area.

What’s New in this Build?

  • There are no new features in the RC2 release. For a full list of new features in the ZENworks 10 Configuration Management SP3, please see the What’s New section of the product documentation.

Known Issues


Beta License Keys

The following beta license keys are available for testing RC2:

71AF6546-17E8F9243581 – ZCM Beta
C056F790-12C648260E4D – ZAM Beta
F7A28B06-AA73FD8DA82A – Asset Inventory Beta

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How to Log a Bug Using Novell’s Bugzilla

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