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ZENworks 10 Configuration Management



August 14, 2007 8:56 am





The newest version of the ZENworks family was released today.

ZENworks 10 Configuration Management runs on SLES 10, Open Enterprise Server 2 and Microsoft Windows 2003 Server. It supports integration with Novell eDirectory and Microsoft Active Directory. It can use either the included Sybase iAnywhere or Microsoft SQL Server. The choice is yours.

Download now from:

Written at: Draper, UT

ZENworks Configuration Management is available in three editions:

Standard Edition

  • Configuration Management. Full Lifecycle Management of Windows workstations and Servers – including Windows Vista

Advanced Edition

  • As Standard Edition – but also includes:
  • ZENworks Endpoint Security Management for USB and Wifi devices
  • integrated Patch Management Services

Enterprise Edition

  • As standard Edition – but also includes:
  • integrated ZENworks Asset Management
  • integrated Patch Management Services
  • ZENworks Endpoint Security Management
  • ZENworks Handheld Management
  • ZENworks Linux Management

Full information is at

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  1. Woohoo… So exited to start deploying this.
    I’ve seen the betas, and it was great 🙂 Good job Novell !

  2. By:eric

    Very nice work novell.

    I am glad you are clear on the support for sles and edir. We are novell 100%

  3. By:Becky

    Any chance this will support oracle in the near future?

  4. Becky – we’re working on it. Oracle 10g support should be “soon”. Keep watching and reading.

  5. By:Carsten

    I’m very excited about the upcoming ZCM! Seems to be the sometimes a little unpredictable ZENworks 7 gets a worthy successor.

    After reading some of the docs I could not get an answer if the new ZCM brings as well the ability to manage rough processes. I found neither anything about software metering and monitoring link in ZENworks 7. It’s kind of handy for us to manage float licenses. Are there such features implemented/planned?

  6. By:Joseph Marton

    Seems like ZCM is a downgrade for existing ZEN customers, especially if they own ZEN 7 with upgrade protection. First, I don’t see how ZDM 7 and ZEN 7 Suite customers all qualify for the same edition of ZCM. ZDM gets you ZDM, ZAM, and ZPM. If you own the suite you also get ZLM and ZHM. With the free upgrade via upgrade protection to ZCM, all you get is configuration management (aka ZDM). You lose everything else. This makes absolutely no sense, and I can see existing customers being very horked off about it. Add that to the fact that ZCM is a complete rewrite requiring relearning concepts that pretty much haven’t changed much from the Starter Pack, and you’ve just got a bad situation waiting to happen.

    Please, Evil Zen Scientist, reconsider the upgrade paths for existing customers as well as which features are included with which edition of ZCM. I’ve got some suggestions as to how it should be, if the focus is truly on the customer. I’m sure it’s much too late and no one cares, but if you do, e-mail me and I’ll share my suggestions.

  7. By:fanta

    I have now downloaded the ZCM iso and installed in a lab world.

    This is a very bad product for novell to be releasing to us.

    This is like zfd3 functions!!!

    I am using sles10 and xp workplaces – but just getting office out to machines is nearly impossible!!!

    We are a small customer – ~ 500 peoples – and we are not having a parter or novell to support. So we will stay with zenworks 6.5 for now and look elsewhere.

  8. Hi Joseph

    I’m interested in your comments – feel free to mail me.

    As for your comments – it’s worth noting that we currently consider ZCM to be an additional product right now.

    For customers with the Suite or just ZENworks Desktop Management we would hope that you look at and deploy ZCM. Meanwhile the rest of your Suite purchase can be used along side ZCM.

    We will add functionality to ZCM to add the other functions of the suite into the new architecture.

  9. Fanta

    Sorry to hear you’re having problems – what issues are you seeing?

  10. By:fanta

    I have tested on german language xp and vista.

    I get issues with;

    = no inventory being on machine
    = everyone of the zenworks texts being written as a ‘code’ from his Z in the dock tray
    = unhappy speed 🙁 🙁

  11. By:Becky

    I have downloaded the enterprise iso, installed it to suse10.1 and I am up and running great! I am very impressed with the install and its ease of use, its pretty intuitive. My only issue now is figuring out the new way of setting up all the details to policies, bundles etc.