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ZENworks 11 Technical Preview


March 20, 2010 12:13 pm

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The ZENworks 11 Brainshare Technical Preview is available as a full installation. Full installation instructions can be found in the ZENworks 11 product documentation.

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Disclaimer: This content is not supported by Novell. It was contributed by a community member and is published "as is." It seems to have worked for at least one person, and might work for you. But please be sure to test it thoroughly before using it in a production environment.


  1. By:tonibui

    I subscribed to the group but still unable to view the article. I am looking forward to ZCM 11 and this technical preview interest me very much. Thanks

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  2. By:sylvala

    If that the same pattern than with 10.x.x We are in big trouble again! We had so much trouble with all the version of 10.x I am not sure if I want to go again on that road…

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  3. By:intellium

    Is it me, or is the Patch Management in this build completely broken ?

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  4. By:jlau168

    I just installed the ZCM 11 for evaluation and once the installation is done and rebooted the server 2008 Enterprise Server. The ZCM is running fine but the Hard drive and the Floppy drive alternately kept spinning. Any body knows why?


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  5. By:misorensen

    Please post your questions and comments about product-related issues in the ZENworks Community Builds forum located at


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