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#ZENworks 2017 Preview 2 now available!



May 10, 2016 10:09 am





I am pleased to announce the availability of the next major milestone for ZENworks 2017. The engineering team has been hard at work building some exiciting new value into the product and I am happy to share it with you. Here’s what’s new in Preview 2:

  • Refined mobile device enrollment workflow
  • iOS Device Control policy allows you to implement iOS device restrictions.
  • Email account provisioning for iOS
  • Lock/Unlock quicktasks for iOS/Android
  • New branding policy for ZENworks User App (zapp) on Windows
  • New progress experience and foldering capabilities in the ZENworks User App.
  • New browser agnostic management console helper (replaces remote mgmt, file upload, and group policy plugins) means most ZCC capabilities should now work on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and Edge.
  • New bundle reporting domain for ZENworks Reporting to simplify and enhance reporting capabilities for ZENworks bundles. This includes the ability to report on bundle linked content.
  • SLES12 based imaging distribution to support a broader set of new hardware
  • Optimization of content and effective policy tables in the database making reporting faster

We expect that there will be one more Preview in approximately 4-5 months which will likely be the basis for the shipping product late this year.

If you haven’t already gotten registered for the ZENworks 2017 preview I encourage you to do so today and take the Preview 2 build for a spin! To get registered sign up here. If you already signed up, you can download Preview 2 from the Preview 2 Vibe Page. If you find issues, identify enhancement or just have questions please use the forums on the Vibe page.

For those of you that are planning to participate in the closed Beta program, we will be sending out appointments for next week shortly now that the build is available. If you have a desire to participate in either the Beta or LightHouse programs we are still accepting participants. To get in just drop an email to

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  1. hmm, I think the ZEN team really likes Chrome given it is at both ends of the supported browsers 😉

    • By:monsieurbob4

      That is very strange. When I installed it, it only shows Firefox v43.x-45.x, Firefox ESR v38.x-45.x, and 32-bit Internet Explorer v10.0-11.0 as supported browsers.

      • By:jblackett

        We haven’t completed our full test pass to officially add the new browser platforms. However the new MCH plugin works on all of the browser platforms discussed. I expect the browser support message will go away by the time we ship.

  2. By:monsieurbob4

    Just was testing imaging out and the kernel is 3.0.101-63-default. This is SLES 11 SP4 not as promised “SLES12 based imaging distribution to support a broader set of new hardware.” 🙁

    • By:jblackett

      I have asked the team to look into this. They had indicated that this should be the sles 12 release.

    • By:jblackett

      I’m guessing you might have tried this on either a VM or a box that only supports 32-bit. Apparently because SUSE only makes a 64-bit version of SLES available we are only able to create a 64-bit imaging distribution. As such for 64-bit devices it should load the new SLES12 kernel, while on 32-bit devices, including VMware VMs, it will load a 32-bit SLES11SP4 based distro. Hope that helps clarify.

  3. By:IdahoTech

    I know this is going to sound stupid, but I always believe a stupid question is one not asked.

    I have Zenworks for Desktops currently and I am looking at updating our whole scheme of things here going from Netware 6.5sp8 to OES and also upgrading our Zenworks 7. Is this going to be like Zenworks for Desktops will be or am I WAY behind the upgrade curve?

    • By:strj500

      I don’t believe you can easily upgrade to ZENworks 7 to current version 11.4.2 or 2017, If it were me, I’d probably start a fresh 2017 when it releases or 11.4 (then upgrade to 11.4.2)

    • By:rjreynolds

      There is a migration tool within ZENworks 11 SP4. After you build a ZEN11 SP4 server or appliance, run the migration utility from a workstation that is connected to the old ZEN7 and new ZEN11 SP4. You then pick the app objects and policies you want migrated. If you are unsure of what you have in ZEN7, then maybe a new build of ZEN11 SP4 is a choice.