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ZENworks Application Virtualization 9 now available



January 11, 2012 9:05 am





ZENworks Application Virtualization 9 has just launched. This product has been key to the ZENworks portfolio since it was first introduced in September of 2008. This latest release adds a lot of nifty features that people have been asking for.

What’s New in Version 9:
In a nutshell, Version 9 is all about making it easier for IT to give the workforce the applications they need. ZAV 9 does this by making it easier and faster for IT to build fully-configured virtual applications as well as giving users more options on how to access those applications once virtualized.

– Application Harvesting: Enterprises have a long list of applications that they have installed across their organizations–all custom configured to suit the needs of the workforce. Version 9 lets you “harvest” these applications, and their configuration settings, by scanning your installed applications and then dynamically building virtual versions of these applications from recipes pulled from a Novell application repository. Using this approach IT administrators can quickly virtualize their application portfolio with minimal effort.

– Web-updated Application Templates: With version 9, application templates are updated via the web–gone are the days of having to install the latest release of ZAV to get the latest templates.

– Application Jukeboxing: ZAV takes the time and hassle out of streaming an entire application suite when you only need one sub-application to run (think MS Word within the entire MS Office Suite). Version 9 gives the workforce the ability to quickly stream only the applications they need, even when these applications are sub-components of a larger suite installation. No more waiting for applications you don’t need.

– Offline Streaming Support: Stream an application one time, and then run it forever without streaming again (no need for a persistent web connection). We consider this the “airplane friendly” version of application streaming.

– Application Control: In addition to being able to time-bomb applications, version 9 gives you more control over how applications can be used. This includes requiring that the users meet Microsoft AD criteria, and/or that the device running the application is managed by ZENworks. This helps ensure unintended “license creep” doesn’t happen.

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