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ZENworks Configuration Management key strengths and features


February 4, 2009 4:39 am





ZENworks Configuration Management is full of features that are essential for configuration management in todays work place. We’ve taken these raw ingredients, distilled them and produced the equivalent of a fine mature malt whiskey but in document form. At the same time, we’ve included a comparison against our competitors.

So if you want to know, or have someone who needs to know, what the key strengths of ZENworks Configuration Management are and how they compare against others, you need to download this: ZENworks Configuration Management Key Strengths and Features

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Disclaimer: This content is not supported by Micro Focus. It was contributed by a community member and is published "as is." It seems to have worked for at least one person, and might work for you. But please be sure to test it thoroughly before using it in a production environment.


  1. By:polo_marquez70


    We are using ZCM since it came out. And we expierenced some big problems that Novell already resolved.

    But for us is important that Novell consider some aspect that could make this Software even more competitive:

    1. Mac integration (Administration, imaging, control and even Windows PC remote control through Mac)
    2. Live Activity Monitor so you can see activities on a group of computers (example classroom)

    Maybe Novell is planning to do it, but I’m not aware of it. It would be great to have news of future developments

  2. By:vsayfullin

    Good job! Many thanks!

    Vitaliy Sayfullin

  3. By:mpciicm

    This requirement has been there since ZfD6….? Novell have never officially commented on whether this is going to happen. Shame? OSX is here to stay and is gaining ground on the market at a phenominal pace! Most educational establishment have an increasing Mac community and no easy way of managing it…. definitely a missed opportunity in my eyes? Furthermore being the Desktop Infrastructure Manager for Europes largest University, it saddens me that Novell continue to ignore our plea’s…. Not only for this requirement but answers to other product enhancements such as site to site migration and content resitory exportation tools!

    If we ever get an answer to these questions i believe it will be a miracle…. this product is great! But could be a true market leader!


  4. By:sfaber

    I cannot give an official response to the Mac integration with ZCM. The most I could probably get away with telling you is that the Mac discussion has been happening. I can tell you that Mac integration was not really a part of the product requirements with ZENworks Desktop Management and prior releases. As you may be aware, any company evaluating software enhancements must prioritize, weigh and carefully consider the cost and return on investment. Agreed, the Mac presence is growing and represents and opportunity.

    Please know that pleas for Novell to consider software enhancements NEVER ignored, we ALWAYS value customer input. In fact, the ZENworks support team is one of the best at reviewing Requests for Enhancements and passing them on to our Product Management team to be prioritized into our “backlog.”

    Many Novell customers have been pleasantly surprised when their request for enhancement turns into reality. It will never get there unless we know about it though. Here’s the tool that will allow your voice to be heard:

    Thanks for your input and best wishes.


  5. By:kafarama

    Does Mac integration implemented?

  6. By:janthenat

    Of course there are ways to manage an increasing Mac community at an institution, although the current options aren’t exactly easy, nor are they complete. There was a product available for managing Macs called MacAdministrator, from Hi-Resolution Systems, that was very Zen-like. It provided multiple authentication methods, user groups, machine groups, automated software distribution, really anything you could want to control as far as management was concerned. Did I mention the licensing was very reasonable and the support was outstanding? But, alas, the product and company went away because of the difficulty of keeping up with changes to the Mac OS. I’m longing for a capable replacement for this product, but none exist.

    Maybe Novell could track down the developers, acquire the code and take a look? I have a contact if anyone is interested and paying attention… ;^)