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ZENworks Configuration Management – videos



July 12, 2007 3:21 pm





I’m in the middle of recording screen cams from the “close to release candidate” builds of ZENworks 10 Configuration Management.

For those that have looked at the Public Beta – we’ve made some great improvements based on feedback.

The installation looks good; patch management and software distribution are solid; policy management also. I could go through the list and report back – but it’s all coming together nicely. Remote Management, Discovery, Deployment, Reporting.

Where we’ve really made strides since ZENworks 7 is bringing the various pieces together – Patch Management, Asset Inventory and Asset Management are now unified into one database, with one agent and a single management console.

I’ll start posting the videos here later this week – but I wanted to give everyone a quick update.

Written at: Draper, UT

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  1. By:Gerhard


    I´m looking forward to the videos and especially the changes since the beta.


  2. By:Mark Rancic

    Does this include videos with NetWare as the NOS, or just the new toy, Linux?

  3. Mark

    ZENworks 10 Configuration Management will run on SLES 10, Windows and of course Open Enterprise Server 2.

    There is no support for NetWare.

    For NetWare environments we will continue to provide support via ZENworks 7.

  4. By:Gerhard

    Hi Martin,

    could you please give a statement how the product endpoint security management fits into zenworks configuration management.

    As far as I can see, it uses it´s own database, it´s own client and also it´s own management interface.

    Are there any plans to integrate it into zcm?
    Will ESM further be a standalone product in the future?

    What are the plans for the two products?