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ZENworks Design Series :: I Want Your Input



March 11, 2006 8:56 pm





Friends of ZENworks… I want your input on something. I am going to start a weekly series on “ZENworks Design” and would like to hear from you on topics you would like to see covered in this series. I’d like to cover individual areas/components from both the business and technological perspectives so you have a 360′ view of things. Here’s what I’m thinking so far (this list is not complete… so comment and let me know what you want added):

1. Should I Plant a ZENworks Tree? – discuss whether or not to create a dedicated ZENworks tree, or keep ZENworks as a part of your existing file and print tree.
2. Desktop Management – Explanation of the ZENMaster Framework
3. Desktop Management – Designing the ZENMaster Framework
4. Desktop Management – Implementing the ZENMaster Framework
5. Desktop Management – Workstation Import
6. Desktop Management – Application Packaging
7. Desktop Management – Application Distribution (with and without the Novell Client)
8. Desktop Management – Inventory Tree Design (traditional ZENworks)
9. Desktop Management – Asset Inventory Design (ZENworks Asset Management)
10. Desktop Management – Imaging Infrastructure Design
11. Desktop Management – Modularize and Simply Your Imaging Processes
12. Desktop Management – Building a Universal Image
13. Desktop Management – Remote Management Policies
14. Desktop Management – User and Workstation Policy Design/Management
15. Desktop Management – Architecting a Middle Tier Server Infrastructure
16. Server Management – Architecting a Tiered Electronic Distribution Infrastructure

Let me know if we need to cover more.


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  1. Architecting an SPK / CPK structure
    Architecting SPK / CPK patches for NetWare
    Architecting SPK / CPK patches for Windows
    Moving from CPK to RPM for NetWare
    Architecting an MMS Infrastructure
    Using Imaging / PXE for drop shipped equipment
    Using Imaging for remote / non-connected equipment
    Architecting a ZfH Infrastructure for local and remote users

    These would be just a few add-ons that my group would like to see. The only two on the list we have not started yet are the MMS and ZfH. We have had issues with what we have implemented and are looking for options.

  2. By:Sergio Leon

    Implementing ITIL with ZENworks

  3. Sergio – that’s another of our hot sessions to cover.

    In the meantime – have you looked at the various BrainShare sessions coming up on IT Process Management and ITIL in a ZENworks environment?

    We also hosted a webinar a few weeks ago about ITIL implementation.

  4. Stuart. We’ll definitely add the ‘stuff’ you’ve outlined to the list of ‘stuff’ to cover. Question for you… are you planning on attending BrainShare this year? 75% of what you are asking for is going to be covered in great detail at this year’s conference.

  5. Mark, I am unable to attend this year, we are in the middle of two major upgrades, a WAN upgrade and a cluster storage upgrade. So…