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ZENworks Design Series :: Should I Plant a ZENworks Tree?



March 16, 2006 9:47 am





Man… this question comes up a lot these days. In essence, what people want to know is should I have a dedicated tree in place to support ZENworks functionality, or should I just put ZENworks into my existing File and Print tree?

I’m interested in hearing your views. Mine are clear to me. Here’s what I’m thinking. Create a new ZENworks tree if you are moving to the next major version of ZENworks, and you want to address the design and solutions architecture of your ZENworks environment. I favor the “ZENTREE” approach for another major reason. ZENworks in it’s own tree allows the administration team to update it without affecting traditional file and print services, or the enterprise directory.

Does this mean that I favor a dedicated ZENTREE exclusively? Absolutely not. It doesn’t always make sense.

As said… I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on this topic.

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  1. By:Jeff Ferris

    Excellent topic, but there are more questions than answers. We’d like to do a Zentree for adminstrative purposes, namely, dividing up rights to functions within Zenworks. More than once, we’ve had a NAL/Policy/Image etc modified when it shouldn’t have been. A Zentree would make it easier to define these functions and who could or couldn’t use them. But… we also want to have an LDAP tree, and some products, such as Zen for Handhelds, can’t be installed in any tree other than the one where the user object exists. So, while there are lots of benefits, the planning can be the killer…

  2. Yep. Agreed. I’ve been covering this topic at BrainShare this week in SLC. The way you can get around this is to use the eDirectory to eDirectory driver that comes with Identity Manager to synchronize the user identities over to your ZENTREE. That way, you can keep all of your ZENworks related services in a single tree, detached from the production F&P tree, while maintaining your identities throughout.