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ZENworks for Desktops cool and fast Remote Control Solution


October 2, 2008 2:31 am





Do you need a very cool solution to remote control your users without ConsoleOne and without any searching to find the right user or the right workstation?

Look at this script, that creates a little cmd with the right parameters to start a remote control session. You have to define a directory on the server (Z:\remote), where the ZfD Application creates the cmd file. Now make a simple ZfD Application with the script and give it to your users.

If a user calls the Helpdesk, told him to start the ZfD Application which creates the cmd file in the given directory. Go to the directory and you will see a cmd File with the User- and Workstationname. Double-click and enjoy the remote session. After the end of the session the cmd file will be deleted.

Generate cmd:

set PROG=Z:\mgmt\consoleone\1.36e-zfd7\bin\desktop4.exe -c"RemoteControl" -t"0" -s"2"

echo start %PROG% -w"%ZENDN%" -n"AC-TREE" >Z:\remote\%NWUSERNAME%-%ZENWSNAME%.cmd

echo start Z:\remote\work\remove.cmd Z:\remote\%NWUSERNAME%-%ZENWSNAME% >>Z:\remote\%NWUSERNAME%-%ZENWSNAME%.cmd

echo exit >>Z:\remote\%NWUSERNAME%-%ZENWSNAME%.cmd

Remove cmd:
del %1.cmd

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Disclaimer: This content is not supported by Micro Focus. It was contributed by a community member and is published "as is." It seems to have worked for at least one person, and might work for you. But please be sure to test it thoroughly before using it in a production environment.


  1. By:anonymous

    interesting…but what interpreter do you use to run the script.

  2. By:anonymous

    If we do not have %ZENDN% and %ZENWSNAME% defined as windows environment variables what do you use? I think the workstation name is pretty obvious, but ZENDN is a little obscure. A little more information is needed to get this coolsolution running in my tree.

  3. By:anonymous

    Thanks, this is nice. I was wondering where you got a few things from.

    Where do the variables come from:

    They aren’t pre existing Variables as NWUSERNAME is.

    Do you have to edit RemAgent.INI in the folder with Desktop4.exe for this to work?