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ZENworks Handheld Management :: Support for Windows Mobile 5??



June 26, 2006 7:46 pm





OK everyone, I’m taking a number of approaches on this question. I’ve been interviewing internally, and using other means… and now I want to know from you.

  1. Are you using, or planning on using ZENworks Handheld Management in your organization?
  2. Are you looking at the need to support devices which run Windows Mobile 5?
  3. What timeframe are you looking at for support for your mobile devices?

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. By:Eric

    Late to market again?

  2. By:Mark Schouls

    Hmmm. Was that the answer to my question? I wouldn’t say late to market… more like focussed on other more pressing needs. The handheld/mobile device management space is a tricky one. So far we have all the major platforms (ones that are actually used) covered, and we will continue to do so.

  3. By:Kenneth

    We used ZENworks Handheld Management eariler but had to quit using it due to lack of support for devices. We have been using WM5 for the last year and would really love to start using Handheld Management on those devices as Management features are limited on the Exchange server.

  4. Thanks Kenneth.

    Look for something after the release of SP1 for ZENworks 7. We are planning to make the agent available much like we made the agent for Java BlackBerry devices available (last year). At first it will show up in the support area of our web site, then we’ll roll things in.


  5. By:Jeff Ferris

    We use Zfh, and other than some code issues that required rewriting, we’ve been fairly happy with it. We register any personal device only to know it is connected (the agents are in our baseline image). In return, we provide customers with anti-virus for HH’s and adobe PDF reader to their HH. We have 600 project specific HH’s (all WinCE devices, Dell Axim’s). They get both device and user-associated applications. We have had some WM5 devices show up (personal and project), and our problems with them have not been with ZFH, but with legacy HH apps that won’t run on WM5. Integrating the client agent with the Zen DM agent (see other wiki posts) would be great, but we are happy with what it does, and it’s been staying ahead of customer requests for new services. If we can get to GW 7 SP1, with it’s new HH client, it would be a complete solution for us. Now if we could just get the ZFH server/access point services ported to Linux….?

  6. By:Grant

    We would consider using it and Mobile 5 definitely. We were palm exclusive until this year. We anticpate being Wince exclusive in the near future (primarily due to the MS push technology in Exchange RC2)

  7. By:Martni Irwin

    We have both install and upgrade CPKS for Handhelds that are under testing at a Major ZENworks customer. Anyone of you guys interested in trialing the software? In other words, using ZENworks Server Management you can automate the install or ugprade saving you weeks of time.