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April 12, 2011 1:15 pm

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April F. wrote: If we are licensed for ZCM10 do we need to pay to upgrade to ZCM11 or do we get the media for free?

A: Good news, April. If you have ZENworks Configuration Management 10, you have maintenance. We required customers to get maintenance with ZCM 10. This means you are entitled to a free upgrade to ZCM 11. (That is one of the beauties of maintenance…)

You may want to check out this very useful document: Upgrading to ZENworks 11

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  1. By:grimlock

    There’s a scenario where that’s not true. If you had maintenance on ZDM7 and received ZCM10 because of that, your maintenance may have run out prior to ZCM 11 shipping and thus you would not be entitled.

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