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ZENworks Pulsar Beta 1



February 1, 2007 3:19 am





ZENworks Pulsar Beta 1 is now in the hands of a team of beta testers and customers across the globe.

We are all excited to reach this milestone; ever closer to announcement and release.

Time to get blogging. My next post will cover the installation of your first ZENworks Pulsar primary server.

Written at: Singapore

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  1. By:Rick Bousquet

    Can we get some info for what Pulsar will be supported on for OS version at the server side?

  2. Rick

    I’ll cover it in the next post. The quick summary – OES2, SLES 10 and Windows 2003 server.

  3. Martin, the next generation of ZENworks is pivotal to the future of ZENworks, and I have every confidence that your team will get it right.

    I’d like to get some idea around how today’s ZENworks pieces will upgrade into the next generation framework. It looks to me like ZfL was used as the next gen tester, and it has many things that ZfS aspired to do, but never quite got right in an acceptable way.

    If we need to do some planning and testing, without having access to the beta, which product should we get to know and make plans around in order to understand the next gen platform’s philosophy?

  4. By:eric

    No NetWare suppoprt?

  5. Eric

    We will fully support Open Enterprise Server 2 – which Jason Williams talks about on this blog post and this Novell Open Audio broadcast.

    There is no support for NetWare 6.5 as a ZENworks Pulsar infrastructure server.

  6. Jesse

    Good to see you posting here!

    We are looking at options for a public beta – stay tuned to Cool Blogs.

  7. By:Jeff Ferris

    Sorry, but you didn’t answer Jesse’s question. I don’t want to “beta” anything. I don’t have the environment/time/resources to set up a playbox to test a beta. I’ll be doing Zen 7SP1 to new version…whatever it’s called. So, if there is serious structural/functional differences in the new Zen, Jesse’s question is very valid…where should we be focusing so we can hit the ground running when the next version is released..??

  8. By:Rob

    Hello all,

    Is there a way to run Zenwork Pulsar(or the final release of the next Zen version) in a native MS network. We only have a AD running an no eDir.

    Thanks Rob

  9. Yes.

    ZENworks Pulsar will run on Windows servers and integrate natively with AD.

  10. […] It’s been a few weeks since I posted anything – so here’s my wrap up of the last few weeks. […]

  11. By:Rob


    an does it support ALL the SAME thing as if you are running it on eDir ??

    Thanks Rob

  12. The only thing different is that with AD there is no (need for) Dynamic Local User.

  13. By:Dave Simons


    and who will workstation import and remove work ?? Does it import you workstation into AD ?? And if so does Workstation Inventory and Worstaion Iamging also work ??

    Thanks Dave

  14. By:Ron van Herk

    Hi Dave,

    The cool thing is that we only need read access to AD, so we aren’t writing anything to it. But yes, we are able to import workstations and do imaging, next week at BrainShare we will show how this works and I’m sure more info will get out in the next coming weeks.