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ZENworks Ready for Windows 7 Today


December 16, 2009 4:04 pm

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Enjoy the lowest total cost compared to other systems management alternatives. Migrate to Windows 7 easily with ZENworks Configuration Management which offers a unique policy-based approach – together with advance imaging and personality migration features – to accelerate your Windows 7 migration process, automatically restore end-user environments and minimize business disruptions. Download the latest ZENworks Configuration Management (10.2.2) update – offering full Windows 7 support at

Also explore how we offer the lowest total cost compared to other systems management alternatives – visit


Editor’s Note: When it comes to Windows 7 Migration projects, ZENworks can be your new best friend. Check it out.

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  1. By:ecyoung

    Thank you. Now to wait for Novell Client to be ready.

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  2. By:hmartin

    What’s the hurry, Windows 7 has only been out 4 months, Novell have far more important things to do than to develop a mere client for the last few suckers who use Novell products

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