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October 7, 2013 4:56 pm





What’s up with 11.2.4?

As many of you know we had hoped to have ZENworks 11.2.4 released by now, but we’ve identified a few issues that we’ve been working to resolve. We are absolutely committed to delivering product releases with world class quality, and as a result 11.2.4 has not yet shipped. We are currently working on this and we expect it to ship shortly, but only once it meets our quality expectations. Thanks for your patience.

What about 11 SP3?

As for ZENworks 11SP3 we’re just about to provide a beta refresh to our private beta customers now that we’ve completed our first full round of both performance and scale testing and our integration level full test pass. We’ve recently added a couple of cool things, most notably an easy way to build a USB boot device for imaging. The number of test cases between 11.2 and 11.3 have more than doubled as we’ve put significant focus on working with our NTS team and consulting teams to ensure that we are addressing common customer use cases.

Thanks to a number of large customers who have sent in their databases, we’ve also been able to find a number of defects in our upgrade and migration tools as well as the new Report Server so that you don’t see those. Additionally, we’ve put ZENworks Patch Management under the microscope and resolved a number of key issues in the patch and content systems. The scalability numbers are showing some great increases and I’d like to personally thank each member of our Scalability team who has put in many hours to resolve extremely complex issues to bring you the most scalable versions of ZENworks Configuration Management ever.

Finally, engineering successfully automated about five times the number of tests as were automated in previous versions. This means that we’re finding bugs faster and with each build to ensure those defects don’t end up in your environment. Additionally we are leveraging this against the 11.2.x patches to ensure that we continue to improve the quality there as well.

From here the next big milestone is to complete our final round of Superlab testing and the final integration test pass. After that we’ve got a number of key customers who have agreed to take the ship-ready code and deploy it into a significant portion of their production environments, about two months prior to our anticipated final release. As I’m sure you’ve all experienced, there is only so much you can find in the lab, once you move into production the complexities of that environment sometimes cause other issues. This last line of defense is intended to ensure that when 11SP3 finally ships early next year, you can be assured that it is ready for primetime.

How about ZENworks Report Server?

One final note, once we get 11.2.4 out there will be a new version of the ZENworks Report Server released sometime between 11.2.4 and 11SP3. I would urge everyone that is currently using the existing ZENworks Reporting Server based on BusinessObjects to pick up this new build. This will allow you to connect both the new reporting tool and the old reporting tool to your 11.2.4 database so that you can begin rebuilding any custom reports you may have. This is critical because when you upgrade your zone to 11SP3 the older reporting tool will no longer be usable. The new ZENworks Report Server is an awesome tool that allows you to do a lot of appealing graphical reports, charts, crosstabs and even dashboards. If you aren’t currently using ZENworks Report Server I would highly recommend checking it out when it is released. Also look for a re-launch of the ZENworks Cool Solutions Reporting Vault at about the same time. We are hoping to see you sharing all kinds of reports or ideas for reports there.

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