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March 10, 2006 10:44 am





Most of my work these days is around creating solutions using ZENworks.

ZENworks is not just a ‘product’ or even a set of ‘products’. It is a framework. If you just install it and walk away people will be unimpressed. It’s no longer just about installing, it’s about the value-add which a good consultant/engineer/specialist can bring to an implementation using experience and good ideas.
If you follow Mark Schouls’ series on ‘the project’ it will give good background into how to run a successful implementation. However, a lot of times these days just implementing isn’t enough. We are finding more and more at the ‘Requirements Assessment’ phase that issues are being raised which require thinking outside of the box.

This is what I hope to show with most of my posts. I will be talking about customer engagements where we have used ZENworks functionality in exciting ways to resolve customer business and technical issues.

I will also be presenting at Brainshare 2006 around one of these solutions, if you’re there please come along and say ‘Hi’.

The session is: TUT354, “ZENworks in a Highly Mobile Environment” and is being presented on Tuesday and Thursday.

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  1. By:Marcus

    Urm two questions.

    1. Anyway the author can be put on the rss feeds? If you jump straight to a post (at least in firefox) the author doesn’t show up.

    2. Is anyone who doesn’t work on Zen going to post here?

    3. The reply box is bigger than the allowed space. ie In my first question I can’t see the u of you and r or author. (At least in ff on suse10)

    have fun

  2. By:Marcus

    Thanks Martin

    Hopefully the other two points will be fixed at some point.

    Have fun