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January 29, 2007 2:58 am





I’m in Singapore at the Asia Pacific Partner Academy; we are training partners on the forthcoming ‘ZENworks Pulsar’ release. It’s just gone beta 1.

One question that came up:

How do I integrate ZENworks 7 with Active Directory?

Well – here are the links.

Here is a really cool article from Novell Connection Magazine; it’s from December 2004 and refers to ZENworks 6.5 – but the concepts are valid today.

Also take a look at the Novell Wiki.

Here is how to integrate the ZENworks Middle Tier with a Layer 4 switch; here are the Middle Tier Best Practices.

There have also been several BrainShare sessions on Windows only management. I’ll try and find the links to presentations and re-post them here.

Update: 31st January 2007

I found several presentations that I hope will help. Thanks to Mark Schouls for getting much of this documented.

ZENworks 7 – Design and Deployment Best Practices

ZENworks 7 – ZENmaster Architecture

Also the ZENworks 7 documentation has a useful section on integration with Windows and Active Directory. ZENworks 7 SP1 includes Novell Identity Manager 3 Bundle Edition – which is also documented for integrating eDirectory and Active Directory.

Active Directory - eDirectory integation

Written at: Singapore

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  1. By:eric

    How will ZenWorks be afected by your competitor Altirus being bought by Symantec?
    Surely big troubles for you right?

  2. By:Another Eric

    I’m looking forward to the ZENworks Brainshare sessions (specifically any 2006 ones) that you were going to find and post. I didn’t think Novell ever published them for free (?). They still want money for the BS’06 DVD on the Novell Gear site, and users on the support forums are often pointed in that direction (Novell Gear) when asking for the presentations.

  3. Eric

    Take a look at the posts here on Cool Blogs about the next version of ZENworks – ‘Pulsar’ – it is exceptional.

    You should get yourself to BrainShare in SLC this year and see the bigger picture of ZENworks; it’s not just about desktop management any more.

  4. Another Eric

    I’m working on getting presentations posted; they may not be the actual BrainShare sessions – but they will be similar content.

    I hope to get those up in the next day or so.

  5. I posted some links and PDF documents. I hope they help.

  6. By:Mark

    Couple of questions:

    1) I read in one of your previous blogs that the next version will be able to run without eDir at all, correct? We are on ZfD 7 with NW 6.5, and we are thinking of removing our last NetWare machines. Being able to run ZfD without eDir (using AD instead) and having to mess with DirXML would be great. One less level of complexity to possibly go wrong.

    2) I cannot get to BrainShare. I am also not on the beta. However, knowing more about the next version so we can plan our strategy would be great. How long after BrainShare can I expect to see slides from your presentation on the next version and more in-depth information about it?


  7. Mark

    1 – I’ll be posting on this in the next few weeks; let me get my installation blog out of the way first. To answer directly – yes we will natively support Active Directory.

    2 – We will have a lot of information released publicly on the next version.

  8. By:SomeGuy

    >How will ZenWorks be afected by your competitor Altirus being bought by Symantec?

    If anything, I’d guess it will help Zenworks. Remember Ghost? Remember when Symantec bought it? Who here actually likes Symantec Corporate Edition AV? Sadly, I think it means Altrius will be circling the drain.

    I’m excited about the fact that Zenworks will be moving it’s own objects to an internal edirectory tree. We don’t run an all Windows shop (quite the opposite), but it’ll be great to clean up our edirectory and have a better way to manage Zen resources.

  9. By:John Murray

    I am trying to get more information on ZenWorks 7.0. I was told by a consultant that in order to use ZenWorks, we needed to install and use eDirectory and run Identity Manager to bridge to Active Directory.

    Can anyone verify if I can run ZenWorks 7.0 on a Windows Server 2003 in an all Windows NOS environment, just running Active Directory without eDirectory?

    Thank you for your advice,

  10. John

    Today ZENworks 7 does require Novell eDirectory; if you are integrating with Active Directory you will need to integrate that using the Identity Manager pieces described in the blog post. All of this is included in the box at no additional cost.

    The next version of ZENworks will natively integrate with Active Directory.