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Trademarks - as of May 3, 2013

Trademark and Service Mark List

Registered Trademarks

The following are registered trademarks of Novell, Inc., in the United States and other countries.

  • Bandit
  • Banshee
  • Beagle
  • BorderManager
  • ConsoleOne
  • DeveloperNet
  • DigitalMe
  • DigitalMe Handprint Logo
  • DirXML
  • GroupWise
  • Immunix
  • Kablink
  • LAN WorkPlace
  • LogicSource
  • ManageWise
  • Mono
  • N Logo
  • NDPS
  • NDS
  • NEST
  • NetWare
  • Novell
  • Novell iFolder
  • Novell Logo (Novell Stylized)
  • Novell SecretStore
  • Novell Vibe
  • PartnerNet
  • XAD
  • Ximian
  • Yes Tested & Approved (Logo)
  • ZENworks
  • ZON

Registered Service Marks

The following are registered service marks of Novell, Inc., in the United States and other countries

  • BrainShare
  • Certified Directory Engineer
  • CNE
  • Global Service Partner Logo
  • Novell Consulting

Trademarks of Novell, Inc.

The following are trademarks of Novell, Inc.

  • AccessAware
  • AdapterAware
  • AllianceNet
  • Appliance Factory
  • ApprovalFlow
  • AppTester
  • ASM
  • BorderManager FastCache
  • BranchManager
  • C-Worthy
  • Certified Novell Salesperson
  • Client32
  • Custom 3rd-Party Object
  • C3PO
  • Define Your Open Enterprise
  • DeFrame
  • Discover Cool Collaboration
  • Dr. Cache
  • Enabling Enterprise Linux
  • Evolution
  • Excelerator
  • exteNd
  • exteNd Composer
  • exteNd Director
  • exteNd Workbench
  • Full Service Directory
  • Global MHS
  • Hardware Specific Module
  • High Availability Server
  • HostPublisher
  • Hot Fix
  • Hotlist
  • Identity Tracking for Identity Manager
  • Infrastructure for innovation
  • Internetwork Packet Exchange
  • Interop Ability Logo
  • IPX
  • JBroker
  • JEdit
  • JRConsole
  • LAN WorkGroup
  • LockOn
  • Making IT Work As One
  • Moonlight
  • NCP
  • NDS Admin
  • NDS Administrator
  • NEST Autoroute
  • NetDevice
  • Netfiliate
  • NetWare Core Protocol
  • NetWare Loadable Module
  • NetWare Management Portal
  • NetWare MultiProtocol Router
  • NetWare SFT
  • NetWare SFT III
  • NetWare Storage Management Services
  • NetWare SMS
  • NIMS
  • NLM
  • NMAS
  • Novell Academy
  • Novell Certificate Server
  • Novell Channel Academy
  • Novell Client
  • Novell Cluster Services
  • Novell Consolidated Support Pack
  • Novell Distributed Print Services
  • Novell Enterprise Print Services
  • Novell Identity Provisioning
  • Novell Internet Caching System
  • Novell Internet Messaging System
  • Novell Labs
  • Novell Learning Zone
  • Novell Net Publisher
  • Novell Partner Passport
  • Novell Press
  • Novell Product Toolkit
  • Novell Quick Classroom
  • Novell Satellite Network
  • Novell Secure Access
  • Novell Security Attributes
  • Novell Software Evaluation Library
  • Novell Storage Services
  • Novell Support Resource Library
  • Novell Web Server
  • Novell Workspace
  • Nsure Resources
  • ODI (Open data-Link Interface)
  • Open Solutions Architecture
  • Platform for the Open enterprise
  • Red Carpet Enterprise
  • Red Carpet Express
  • The Power to Change
  • QuickFinder
  • ScheMax
  • SFT (System Fault Tolerance)
  • Shadowserver
  • Single Click Sign-on
  • SoftEdge
  • SoftRack
  • Software At Your Service
  • Software for the Open Enterprise
  • SolutionSeller
  • This Is Your Open Enterprise
  • Virtual Loadable Module
  • VLM
  • WebWorkZone
  • WhereAware
  • Workload Portability
  • YES Certified
  • YES, It Runs with NetWare (Logo)
  • YES, NetWare Tested and Approved (Logo)
  • Your Linux Is Ready
  • Your Linux Is SAP Ready
  • ZENworks OnDemand Services

Service Marks of Novell, Inc.

The following are service marks of Novell, Inc.

  • CDE
  • Certified Novell Administrator
  • CNA
  • Certified Novell Engineer
  • Certified Novell Instructor
  • CNI
  • Master CNE
  • Master CNI
  • MCNE
  • MCNI
  • MyRealBox
  • NAEC
  • Novell Academic Instructor
  • Novell Authorized Education Center
  • Novell Certified Linux Engineer
  • Novell Certified Linux Professional
  • Novell Education Academic Partner
  • NEAP
  • NOTP
  • Novell Online Training Provider
  • Novell Technical Services
  • Rapid Technology Rationalization
  • shopNovell

Novell Trademark Guidelines

Logos and Trade Dress

Trademarks perform four essential functions meriting their vigilant protection:

  1. Trademarks identify and distinguish goods from those sold by others.
  2. Trademarks signify that goods bearing the same trademark originate from the same source.
  3. Trademarks show consumers that all goods bearing the same trademark are of the same quality level.
  4. Trademarks are an instrument for the promotion and sales of goods.

Essentially, trademarks represent the good will and reputation of a company.

Why Protect Trademarks?

Novell is known for its high quality computer software throughout the world. Novell trademarks are worth millions of dollars as they are representatives of the Novell standard of excellence.

A trademark becomes a generic term when it identifies a type of product instead of a brand of product. This often occurs when the public treats a trademark as the name of a product, instead of a name of a particular brand of product. The words "trampoline," "kerosene," "escalator," and "cellophane" are examples of trademarked product names that have become generic terms. Interestingly, the word "Internet" is a trademarked term, but one that is well on the way to becoming generic.

All trademarks, including registered trademarks, could become generic terms if used improperly over time. Once lost, the trademark cannot be recovered. Trademark owners are solely responsible for keeping their trademarks from becoming generic terms.

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Trademark Guidelines

An appropriate trademark notice (®, ™, SM, CM, or CLM) must be placed adjacent to the first and most prominent reference to the trademark.

Never use a trademark in the possessive.

NetWare's features give you the winning edge.

NetWare® software features give you the winning edge.

Never use a trademark in the plural.

Corporate information officers are choosing NetWare's for multiple platforms.

Corporate information officers choose NetWare® programs for multiple platforms.

Never use a trademark as a verb.

A reseller will help you NetWare your LAN.

Use NetWare® software to connect your LAN.

Never include a trademarked term in a hyphenated phrase.

The Yes logo indicates that a product is NetWare - compatible.

The Yes logo indicates that a product is compatible with NetWare® software.

Capitalize trademarks as they appear in the trademark database. Be especially aware of unusual capitalization, as in the following examples:


Do not abbreviate a trademarked term unless the abbreviation is also a trademarked term.
For example, you can use:

NLM™ software for NetWare® Loadable Module™ software because both terms are trademarked.

However, you cannot use:

NMA software for NetWare® Management Agent™ software because NMA is not a Novell trademarked term.

In figures and tables you can abbreviate long trademark names if the full name is too long to fit. However, you must add a footnote or a note directly below the figure or table containing the complete trademark name at the first occurrence of the abbreviation. The note must contain an explanation similar to the following:

NetWare® Management Agent is a trademark of Novell, Inc. The abbreviation "NMA" is not a Novell trademark but is used here due to space constraints.

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Attribution Guidelines

Trademark notices can be set in any typeface that is compatible with the surrounding text and in any point size, as long as it is legible.

For an unregistered trademark or service mark, set the trademark (TM or SM) notice as a superscript character and put it immediately following the trademark. Do not add a space between the trademark and the notice. For example:

NET2000™ network interface board
Certified Novell Engineer(sm) designees

For a registered trademark or service mark, set the trademark (®) notice as a subscript character and put it immediately following the trademark. Do not add a space between the trademark and the notice. For example:

NetWare® network software
GroupWise(R) collaboration software

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Trade Name Guidelines

Use of a term that is both a trademark and a trade name, such as "Novell," is not subject to general trademark usage rules when the term is being used as a trade name rather than a trademark, and trademark notices are not used. For example, it is permissible to use "Novell" in the possessive if it is clearly being used as a trade name rather than as a trademark, as in "Novell's software products."

In all other instances, or when it is not clear that a trademark is being used as a trade name, the general trademark rules apply. For example, "Novell Press" is a trademark that must be followed by proper trademark notice (™).

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Prohibited Use of Novell Trademarks

Certain uses of Novell marks are not allowed under any circumstances.

In Domain Names:

Novell does not allow third parties to use "Novell," "NetWare," "GroupWise" or any other Novell product name in an Internet domain name.

While Internet sites may use terms such as, "about NetWare®" in the title of their sites, the site title itself should not begin with either, "NetWare," "Novell," or any other Novell product name. These rules apply equally to all licensed users, resellers and distributors of Novell products.

A CNE, CNI, and CNA may indicate their Novell certification in their Web site, but not in the domain name itself.

Combining with the Marks of Another Company:

Do not combine Novell trademarks or product names with those of another company, whether it be your company or any other company. For example:

THIS IS WRONG: Novell Windows 95 applications

THIS IS CORRECT: Novell® applications for Windows 95

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In Company Names, Product Names or Names of Services:

You may not include or incorporate any Novell trademark or part of a trademark into your company name or the name of your products or services. For example, you may not include "NetWare®," "GroupWise®," "Novell®" or any potentially confusing variation in the name of your product, company name or service, and this same rule applies to any other Novell trademark.

Let us suppose that you develop a software application compatible with NetWare. You might wish to advertise your product as being created "for NetWare". If you are a licensed distributor or reseller you may advertise that you sell "NetWare® software from Novell®." Never may you call your company or product "ABC's NetWare."

Abbreviations of Novell Product Names or Trademarks:

Never abbreviate or alter Novell trademarks or create acronyms.
For example:



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