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New Spin on Workloads

Spin to Win: Learn how PlateSpin extends protection and migration capabilities to your Novell Open Enterprise Server workloads.

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Evolving Efficiency

Smart Move: Get insights on how to increase IT efficiency and end user productivity with a smooth transition to Novell ZENworks 11.

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The Real Challenge of Virtual Desktops

Virtually Perfect: Novell Operations Center can provide the real-time, end-to-end visibility you need to realize VDI's true potential.

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Retail Is Taking Off, But from What Launch Pad

The Money Tree: SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service is the only enterprise-class Linux solution designed for retail environments.

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Work Together Tools

Team Work: Novell Vibe Cloud delivers secure, real-time social collaboration that lets your people work together to achieve faster, better results.

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Simple Moves

Bust a Move: Create a smart strategy and best practices approach to streamline your Windows 7 migration with Novell ZENworks.

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The Right Tools

Time for a Trim: Organizations moving to the cloud need to plan their move through the four stages of virtualization with PlateSpin and Novell Cloud Manager.

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Building Identity Management Policies

Identity Heft: Build identity protections using packaged policies with Novell Identity Manager 4 Advanced Edition.

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Vodacom and Novell Are Changing the Rules

High Jump: Vodacom and Novell are working together to give businesses cost savings through flexible Cloud Computing services.  

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Intelligent Workloads on the Path to Wisdom

Study Up: The evolution of intelligent workload management will be workloads that are at once identity-enabled, secure and compliant.  

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Paper Trail: The right approach to policy enforcement could have prevented the Bradley Manning Wikileaks debacle.

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Light Touch: Discover the world's only Mac OS X single login access solution to Novell eDirectory storage resources through flexible login options.   

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Separating Hype

Cloud Run: For cloud computing to gain mainstream adoption, intelligent capabilities for security, compliance, and optimization must become part of the workload.  

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