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Migrating to the latest version of ZENworks is easy with help from Novell IT Consulting.

A New Version of a Trusted Name

You’ve come to rely on your traditional ZENworks® applications to deliver effective desktop management and more. However, you aren’t benefitting from the latest changes in ZENworks if you haven’t upgraded to Novell ZENworks Configuration Management. Novell ZENworks Configuration Management offers an impressive list of new management capabilities. With its redesigned architecture and policy-based approach, it’s uniquely capable of automating your IT processes, accurately tracking and managing software, simplifying application deployments and updates, securing your endpoint environment and much more. Now with help from Novell IT Consulting and its trusted partners, migrating to Novell ZENworks Configuration Management is easier than you think.

Rapid Migration Done by Industry Experts

During any migration of services and software, time matters. You want a quick, professional, and problem-free transition from your current systems to your new systems. By utilizing Novell IT Consulting or one of its trusted partners to migrate your existing Novell ZENworks suite to Novell ZENworks Configuration Management, you get a quick migration done by industry experts—saving you time and assuring you success.

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