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Novell has developed a uniform and effective methodology, the Novell Unified Delivery Process, which is used in all Novell IT consulting engagements. The Novell Unified Delivery Process ensures that our solutions are delivered on time and within budget. Furthermore, the process can be leveraged by Novell or by one of our trusted partners, guaranteeing a consistent delivery for every project.

The Novell Unified Delivery Process defines a flexible framework for delivering either small or large projects. The process allows for the creation of a project plan tailored to the specific needs of the engagement while maintaining delivery best practices. The Novell Unified Delivery Process also provides solution delivery guidelines, templates, sample deliverables, and tools for all critical development activities.

Whether you work directly with Novell, or through one of our qualified and trusted partners, you will benefit from the advantages of the Novell Unified Delivery Process by taking advantage of Novell's broad project and product experience. Through this process, we can effectively help you:

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