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Analyzer for Novell Identity Manager

Analyze, Enhance, and Control Data Sources

Project Overview

Ensure Data Compliance

Identity Manager Analyzer is an Eclipse-based IDM project/feature that provides a set of tools aimed at ensuring general internal policies are adhered to in the area of data quality, which includes data analysis, data cleansing, data reconciliation and data monitoring/reporting. Customers can use Analyzer to analyze, enhance and control all data stores throughout their enterprise.

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Resolve Data Quality Issues

These three phases, Analyze, Enhance and Control, are particularly important when designing Identity Management solutions. Before implementing an Identity Management solution, designers spend a significant amount of time analyzing the identity data, scrubbing the identity data, and modeling business rules to create identity data replication and synchronization policies that guarantee the data remains in a reliable state. Additionally, once an Identity solution is put into place, customers must verify and reconcile that the these processes are performing as intended to maintain consistent and reliable data.

The goal of Identity Manager Analyzer is to create a set of tools to resolve data quality issues and improve the Identity Manager deployment process.

Cut Project Costs

Industry analysts note that Identity Management projects spend 3 - 8 times more than the cost of the software on design and implementation. Analyzer attacks these project-related costs directly by providing a powerful environment for cleaning and preparing identity data in order to streamline identity infrastructure implementations.

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Overview of the Analyzer Development Approach

Novell is developing Analyzer using using iterative development. At the end of each iteration Novell will release a free milestone build that encompasses the goals of that milestone. These milestones provide customers with access to the product throughout the development cycle so they can participate in directing development decisions over time. Analyzer will eventually be available as a standalone Eclipse-based application, as well as a set of plug-ins for Novell Designer for Identity Manager.

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