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Messaging Architects to Acquire NetMail from Novell
Novell has decided to transition its NetMail business, as well as leadership of the Hula open source project, to our trusted partner, Messaging Architects. Find out more here...
Posted: 30 Jan 2007

NetMail 3.10 Logging Patch for Windows
This new patch will help administrators setup logging when running NetMail 3.10 on the Windows platform. Download it here.
Posted: 26 Nov 2003

How to Change NetMail's Personal Addressbook to Display Last Name First
Here's a cool tip from Novell Technical Support that explains how to modify NetMail's templates so the personal addressbook will display the Last Name first.
Posted: 26 Nov 2003

Using Secondary IP Addresses
Ryan Seale shares a tip on how to use secondary IP addresses so all client access and MX records can point at "floating" IP addresses that can easily move from one NetMail server to another.
Posted: 23 Oct 2003

NetMail Tips for Users
Here is a collection of end user tips that we have published in NetMail Cool Solutions. If you have discovered a cool user tip that you would like to share, submit it here and if we publish it, we'll send you a Novell t-shirt!
Posted: 23 Oct 2003

How to Integrate a Spell Checker into NetMail Templates
Here's a great article for NetMail Administrators. Matt DeFoor has provided detailed instructions on how to integrate a third-party spell checker product into the NetMail Modweb templates. Check it out!
Posted: 12 Sep 2003

Limiting NetMail's ModWeb Address Book Search
Here's a new TID from Novell Technical Support that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to setup NetMail to limit ModWeb Address Book search results by Internet domain.
Posted: 12 Sep 2003

University of Kentucky Developers Add Calendar Subscription Service to NetMail
With the successful rollout of a calendar subscription service for NetMail, the University of Kentucky's IT staff is making campus life easier and more productive for thousands of students. Read this Novell Developer success story for more information.
Posted: 12 Sep 2003

Absa Bank Success Story Video
Absa Bank's recent venture into the online banking space has proven so successful that they are now the number one internet banker in South Africa. Watch this video to learn how NetMail has helped Absa to cost effectively provide e-mail for 150,000 users.
Posted: 12 Sep 2003

Dallas Police Department Success Story
Novell NetMail provides a low-cost, scalable e-mail solution for the Dallas Police Department's 3,500 employees, giving them timely access to information whether in the office or at home. With NetMail, the department has reduced its workload by 20 percent and eliminated 100 percent of its paper notifications. Find out more.
Posted: 4 Aug 2003

Q & A
Here's where we store a few of the answers to some of your best questions.

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