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Delta Block Synchronization in iFolder

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Posted: 14 Nov 2001

SL wrote: In the October 2001 Appnote, there is info that states: "Since iFolder's synchronization only sends the part of the file that has changed, updating files is very efficient and fast even at modem speeds of 56Kbps." Does iFolder send the entire file or does iFolder sync the delta for the file? In my use of iFolder I have watched the synchronization take place and as the size of my Excel Spreadsheet increases so does the amount of data that gets synchronized.

iFolder does perform delta block synchronization. In the iFolder client, it doesn't show when it is doing a delta block update. It just does the sync. The best way to verify this is to pull out your trusty packet sniffer and to test it. Some programs write changes out to the whole file so this prevents iFolder from being able to do the delta sync.

Many Microsoft products, Word and Excel, actually create a temp backup file of the file you are editing. You can see this in the folder immediately after you close the edited file; the backup file then disappears. But Microsoft has written out a 'new' file, which is then the delta file we see sync back to the server.

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