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Tip: Valid Characters in eDirectory

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Posted: 2 Mar 2005

A reader asked:

I am trying to find a naming document that shows the valid characters and conventions for eDirectory. Does anyone know where one is?

And the responses from our Forum experts:

For the Novell documentation on the topic, go to then to Designing Your Novell eDirectory Network, then to Designing the eDirectory Tree, then to Naming Conventions.

In addition, a warning here seems appropriate. Although NDS/eDir allows most characters in names, it's my strong recommendation to limit oneself to only use English alphanumeric and the "-" hyphen characters in object names.

Today, names of objects are not only accessed by NDS/eDir but also other services, such as LDAP, DNS, etc. These services also have restrictions on what characters are allowed. Also, some administrative tools have problems with special characters.

So in short, to make your life easy stick to english alphanumerical characters and the hyphen!

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