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Tip: Creating Multiple Internet Domains for the Same User

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By Matt Ray

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Posted: 17 Mar 2005


Customer wants to have multiple internet domains for the same user, ie.,,, and They want to be able to receive for all these domains AND send emails out as each of these users as well, even though they're all the same user in their GroupWise System.


The inbound solution is a no-brainer. You're already doing it. You just need to add the additional domains to your MX Records (after registering the domain) and point these domains to your inbound SMTP Gateway. You then create i-domains for each of these domains (C1, GroupWise System Operations, Internet Addressing) and GWIA will accept emails for each of them. Once it reads the domain name and determines it's acceptable, it then looks at the information to the left of the @ sign and checks it against the wpdomain.db to make sure it's a valid user in the GroupWise System. If that user exists, it passes the email on to the MTA and it gets delivered internally.

An outbound solution, however, is a little trickier. You really only have 1 identity for yourself in GroupWise on outbound messages. You are known as by default. You can create an alias, but then that changes whatever your default id to You're still stuck with 1 outbound identity. A way to work around this, however, is to create one or more POP3 accounts that check for mail against the GWIA. Essentially what you're creating is an additional outbound SMTP user, because you can specify a different name and domain name for that outbound POP3/SMTP account.

Once you've created the POP3 account, there are 2 places that change on your GroupWise menu. The FROM: field becomes a drop down menu as well as the Send button. This is because you can now choose to send emails as a different user, meaning one of the POP3 accounts you created. When you go to send your email, simply choose the POP3 account that you wish to "send as" and then your outbound message will have that different identity.


My default account is However, sometimes I want to send an email out with my other domain, (for my thriving GroupWise joke business). I hit a Control-M for a new email message, type in the recipient, and the click on the From button, which now has 2 items in it, and This is because I created a POP3 account called I then send the email and the FROM field shows to the receiving user.

Another great feature of this solution is that there are signatures you can create on each POP3 account. If you choose to have the signature "prompt before adding", you can make sure you're sending as the right There have been times I've thought I was emailing as 1 user and when I saw the signature pop up, I realized I was sending as another. I quickly chose cancel and then selected the correct "From account" and then sent the email.

Note: In order for a solution like this to work, POP3 Account settings need to be enabled by the administrator. This is under Client Options, Environment, Allow Use of POP and IMAP accounts in the Online Mailbox. Also, to modify your POP3 signatures, you need to go to Accounts, Account Options, Properties, Signature. There are other intricacies of using multiple POP3 accounts on your GroupWise mailbox. If you have questions, my email address is listed above. Feel free to contact me.

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