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In Brief

A script for interactive printing with a set of pseudo-printers (djvu, pdf, ps).


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  • SUSE Linux
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  • Printing
  • Updated:27 Aug 2007
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    Publisher:Oleg Motygin


    Please read the note from our friends in legal before using this file.


    This is an interactive printing toolkit with a set of pseudo-printers. In particular, it can be considered as a simple replacement for kprinter in xfce or gnome. Interaction with user is based on gtk dialogs by Zenity tools.

    When printing through printkit it is possible: to print to a printer via gtklp (or some other interface: lp, kprinter; see $printspooler in the script), or to save output as a djvu, pdf or ps file. When choosing an existing file for saving, it is possible to append to the file.

    Installation and usage: put the script printkit somewhere in the path (e.g. in ~/usr/local/bin). Use printkit as a command for printing in X applications.

    Used packages: zenity; netpbm (>=10.21), psutils, and djvulibre for conversion to djvu; pdftk for conversion to pdf.

    See also the variable $cleanuptype3fonts in the script. If it is set to "yes", then the pdf pseudo-printer also tries to get rid of type3 raster fonts that may make the output pdf file to look better. This function needs perl installed.

    Tested under Suse Linux 10.0.

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