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AppNote Tool: AnyInfo Example 5
Using the Novell NWDir Bean for NDS Access.

AppNote Tool: AnyInfo Example 7
Using Java's Database Connectivity solution (JDBC) to interact with Oracle8 on NetWare.

AppNote Tool: Example containing a SilverStream database and code.
How to Dispatch Requests and Information Between Classic Applications and J2EE Applications

AppNote Tool: Example Sample Code for J2EE Series
Sample Code: Building a J2EE application

Consideo CE/LE/SE
Handle any complex situation.

A framework for a continuous build process.

Servlet for Web-based discussion and distributed file editing/versioning with NDS-based access control.

Java-Based NetWare SMB Command Line Utilities 1.2
Java-based NetWare SMB (CIFS) client utilities capable of single file, single directory or single directory tree SMB operations.

JDBC Command
Java class for IDM to execute JDBC Commands like stored procedures, inserts, updates, etc.

Login to NDS using email IDs

Send SMTP mail directly from the command line.

NDS101 With Java Bean
Use Novell's NWDir bean to build a Java client-side-only application that can read NDS directory information.

Password Change
Create a password change page in Java applications.

Procedure Asgard Module
Run procedures using JDBC.

Process audit events stored in a AUX table.

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