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Abend Log Viewer
View two abend.log simultaneously.

AdRem Free Remote Console 5
Free remote access to NetWare server console.

AdRem NetCrunch 3.0
Network management, network monitoring, diagnosing and reporting tool.

AdRem Server Manager 5
Monitoring, management and maintenance of multiple OES/NetWare servers.

Poll NetWare servers for connection counts.

Applogin (32-bit)
Login script to balance application server load.

AppNote Tool: Abendemo.nlm
Server ABEND Testing Utility

Automatic Boot Recovery 1.4
Recovers Dial-in PC's, gateways and other operator-less machines from critical errors.

Avanti's TaskMaster Lite (TMLite) v4 Automation Utility
A Server-centric version of Avanti's TaskMaster, with only the Server module.

Avanti's TaskMaster v4 Replication / Synchronization / Automation Utility
Automate server and file management tasks which typically require client execution.

Migrate Banyan VINES networks to NetWare 4.1 networks.

Change Telephone Numbers
Mass modification of telephone numbers from the console of server NW6.5

Check NDS Login ability with Nagios
Used by Nagios to check every configured Server for eDirectory Login.

ConsoleOne Update Utility
Keep ConsoleOne updated effortlessly.

CPUMon 1.1
Monitor CPU utilization on NetWare servers.

CRON.NLM Server Utility 1.7
Schedules commands to be executed on a NetWare server at specified dates and times.

Delay the NetWare OS from loading NLMs until the specified time has elapsed.

Delay Command
Delay NetWare server commands.

Delaycon 2.02
Delay, print a custom delay message, and even cancel a delay.

Desktop Portals
Generates a web page displaying the Health Monitor traffic lights for all servers.

Disk Checker for NetWare (WATCH.ABC)
Notification of problems with mirror status or redirected block count.

Disk Space Usage 2.4
Determine where your disk space is being used.

Display Trustee Assignments
Scan one or more NetWare directories for trustees.

DLL Loader for NetWare 4.11
Allows the NetWare 4.11 kernel to accept registration of loader extension modules.

Down the Server from Command Line or Batch Job.

DS Rights 1
Troubleshoot problems with Directory Services rights.

DSBrowse for NetWare 5.x
Gives a detailed view of objects in the Directory Services database.

DSMETER for NetWare
Audit and control your eDirectory/NDS and NetWare File Systems. Track login/logout activity, audit, alert and control server, file system, and directory activity, report on server inventory and more.

DSRAZOR for eDirectory/NDS and NetWare
Secure, delegate, administer and audit your eDirectory/NDS and NetWare File Systems. Manage user accounts, report on and manage security settings, delegate helpdesk tasks and more.

File Strainer
Deploy file storage restrictions based on a combination of content type, eDir identity, file size and path (extension).

Filter for NDS on NetWare 4
Configure the frequency and times of NDS packet delivery.

Find executables
Find all executable files even if the file extension has been renamed.

GetFTP 1.11 - Command Line FTP Client for NetWare Server
Download files via FTP to a NetWare directory.

Getlogs 2.2
Check the error logs on dozens of servers in minutes.

Imaging Patch for ZENworks for Desktops 3 Abends
Fix server Abend issues.

Inoculan 4.0 / InoculateIT 4.5x Automatic Workstation Downloads
Batch file to update your AVUPDATE download directory automatically.

Install the NDSAuto Cool Tool to multiple servers.

Java-Based NetWare SMB Command Line Utilities 1.2
Java-based NetWare SMB (CIFS) client utilities capable of single file, single directory or single directory tree SMB operations.

Keep proxy server alive by pinging public interface every hour.

NLM to push characters into file server keyboard buffer.

Written in German, an autorepeat and delay changer in the connected Keyboard, for DOS and NetWare.

List TSA Utility
List the SMDRs and TSAs available and test the connections to both on a server.

Read and modify ACL on NDS objects.

Win32 based Workstation equivalent for the MODULES console command.

Show opened files on NetWare 4.x servers.

A host and service monitor designed to inform you of network problems before your clients, end-users or managers do.

NAL Update Utility
Silently Update NAL Components on Windows NT/2K & XP

NDS "AKA" utility -- Alias Katharsis Application
Facilitate phase-out of aliases employed during changes to tree structures.

NDS Automatic Health Check, Repair, and Report
Perform automated DS health check and DSREPAIR with logging and summary report.

Write context and server to the registry.

NetServerMon 3.0
Monitor and compare all your Novell Server's Partitions, utilization, NLMs, SET parameters, user connections, File open/locks and more.

NetWare Control Center 3.1.2
Novell Logfile Analyzer with Realtime Event Monitoring, Alerting and Reporting.

NetWare Control Tomcat
Control the Tomcat server on NetWare machine.

NetWare File Server Activity Daemon (fadmn.nlm 2.00.a and fadmnexp.nlm 0.01.a)
NetWare file server utilities allow you to view real-time file access events and write to log file or send to syslog daemons.

NetWare Server Monitor for Win32
Monitor the overall status of multiple NetWare Servers.

NetWare Tail
Shows the last X lines of a file and outputs it.

Network Broadcast
Broadcast a message to all users at one time.

NFS Gateway 3.0 to 4.0 Config Converter
Converts NFS 3.0 "imports" file to new NFS 4.0 Gateway NCF syntax.

Nlist Search Tool
Used with nlist.exe to compile a list of users' emails in a given context.

Novell NetWare Revisor 3.4.1
Creates NDS image and report, and performs recovery.

Nwconn - Server Connections
Log out of more than one server.

NwDsk 3.40: NetWare Boot Disk (IP/IPX)
A menu-driven plug 'n play DOS boot disk for accessing NetWare servers by IP/IPX.

NWInst Automated Server Installation
Install servers with patches applied.

NWMON.NLM : NetWare Monitoring
Basic OS and eDirectory statistics for Novell NetWare 6.x servers with reporting via Novell Remote Manager.

An NLM to allow administrators to assign trustee rights and IRF at the server console.

Display all NetWare servers in a GUI interface.

Search NetWare 4 for open and locked files.

Parse Accounting Info
Parse accounting info on a NetWare server.

PCID Utility v1.8
Greatly improve the time it takes to connect computers to various NetWare, Linux, and Windows servers from DOS.

PIKT 1.18.2
Cross-categorical, multi-purpose toolkit for common systems administration tasks.

Portlock Linux Boot CD
Comprehensive tool for managing storage on DOS, Linux, NetWare and Windows systems.

Portlock NetWare Volume Memory Calculator
Calculate the memory required for NetWare volumes.

Portlock Scorpion (Version 1.02)
Convert NetWare Traditional volumes to NSS volumes and NSS volumes to Traditional volumes.

Portlock Storage Manager (Version 3.35)
Minimize NetWare management, setup, installation, and reconfiguration time.

Portlock Volume Defragment for NetWare (Version 2.03)
Improve the layout and performance of Novell NetWare file systems

PowerOff your Server
Server poweroff after down.

Prevent Unwanted Files
Server-based tool to prevent unwanted files from using resources on your network.

Primsrv .01b1
Set Novell primary server at client.

Rconip: NetWare RCONAG6.NLM Client
Native Win32 RconJ replacement compatible with RCONAG6.NLM.

RConsoleJ 6 for Linux
Use at a Linux workstation or server to access a local or remote server's console.

RConsoleJ for Linux
Use at a Linux workstation or server to access a local or remote server's console.

Calculate appropriate register memory command for configuring a NetWare 3 or 4 server.

Clear the NetWare 4.1 address attribute on a user-by-user basis.

Splashes a yellow box with an editable reminder.ini to send a bold message to users.

Helps network administrators who need to quickly rename multiple computers.

Rings as a phone on the server.

RiteHere: Identify Effective File Systems Rights
Identify the eDirectory users with effective rights in one or more specified directories.

RLATRSYN (Rick Laughinghouse Attribute Value Synchronization)
Synchronizes NDS Object attribute values from a command line.

Bind IPX to the correct network address.

Salvage 98 for NetWare
Search for deleted files by owner, deletor or deletion date, then salvage or purge.

Schema Compare Utility
Compares the schema of two servers

SEG.NLM: NetWare Memory Analyzer
Memory analysis NLM for Novell NetWare 5.1 and 6.x servers.

Selectively purge deleted files.

Sendmail v1.16
Send SMTP mail from the NetWare command line.

Serial Number List
Display server serial numbers.

Server Configuration Information Tool
Displays NetWare volume information.

Stop a server from booting and gain access to the DOS partition.

SLES Installation Directory Structure
Create installation server's directory structure from CDs.

Server Memory Calculator for NetWare.

Add email notifications to your batch files.

SNTP - Simple Network Time Protocol
Ask an Internet host about the current time/date and adjust the server according to the answer.

StuffKey Utility 1
Send keystrokes to any program on any screen.

Sync Center 2.0
Maintains file synchronization between different volumes or servers as scheduled.

SYSCON for NetWare 4
Examine or change accounting, file server, group, supervisor, or user information.

Generate SystemInfo in HTML with a shell-script.

Back up and restore trustees and Inherited Rights Filters (IRFs).

TCP Forwarder
Simple IP Forwarder for NetWare (NAT/PAT).

Emulates Telnet terminal on NetWare 386 file server.

TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) Daemon for NetWare.

The Big Red NetWare Clock
Display a large clock on the NetWare server console.

The CNW Commander V2.53
Manage drives, directories, and files from the NetWare server console.

The CNW Editor V2.53
The ultimate EDIT.NLM replacement.

Use full NDS names to locate time servers, instead of being tied to SAP.

ToolBox Utility including COPY.NLM
TOOLBOX.NLM version 1.09d (NetWare v3.12 and NetWare v4.x).

TOOLBOX.NLM 2.17 for NetWare 4 - 6
NetWare server tools that can be used at the server console or executed from NCF files.

Tree logout commandline
Command-line logout of a tree and kill all connections.

Tree Script
Setting the preferred tree programmatically.

Trustee Rights Task
Document Trustee Rights with this task that will then generate another task to recreate/transfer the Trustee Rights.

UserKVYMonitor v1.7.1
The analyzer of user activity on NetWare server with Novell ZENworks Remote Management support.

Allow changing of passwords for many users from a text file.

Volume Block Resizer
Increase volume block capacity for NetWare 4.x.

WinBiff 3.9a
E-mail notification utility.

Enhanced Windows Message Boxes from the Command Line.

WinVer Search Utility
Implement a Windows File Search Utility on NetWare.

Wireshark (previously known as Ethereal)
Multi-platform protocol analyzer.

XXCOPY 2.84.9
Synchronize directory structures between multiple NetWare servers.

ZfD Open Files 2.0
Find out which users have files open, and control workstations from the server.

Zip and unzip files/directories in the same format as PKzip files.

ZW Desktop Management 7 Deployment
Automated server-based deployment of ZENworks Desktop Management 7.

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