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Updated: 12 Jan 2006

A few years ago we ran a contest to see how long your NetWare servers had been running. At that time, Charlie White had an old NetWare 3.12 server tucked away in the datacenter that faithfully kept on going year after year. He sent us a new screen capture of his NetWare NFS Server running on NetWare v3.12 showing that it has been up and running now for over 6 years!    See it here

New Screen Shots (Updated 12 Jan 2006)

Here are the uptime champs, ranked by server version and endurance level.

NetWare 6x

  1. Jim Harfst sent us this screen shot of a NetWare 6 server that has been serving up ZENworks apps for the computer labs at his University for some time. The last time it was rebooted was for the installation of Support Pack 3 otherwise the uptime would have been longer. It's running on a Compaq DL3000 with 1GB of RAM. Uptime: 694 days, 09 hours, 24 minutes, and 12 seconds.

  2. 12 Jan 2006 - Charlie White sent us this screen shot of one of his Houston ZFS Servers prior to downing it before a hurricane that looked to be heading straight for Houston. It later hit the coast between Texas and Louisiana, but it was too late, he had already downed it otherwise it would still be running with an uptime of 653 days (as of Nov 2005) and counting. Uptime: 627 days, 00 hours, 42 minutes, and 21 seconds.

  3. 12 Jan 2006 - John C. Riggs Jr. sent in this screen shot of his NetWare 6 server. A weekend power failure was the reason the server up time was only 507 days. Uptime: 507 days, 13 hours, 26 minutes, and 37 seconds.

NetWare 5x

  1. 17 Nov 2005 - Thomas Neumann sent in this screen shot of one of his NetWare 5.1 servers. It has been running for 1121 days, 18 hours, 29 minutes, and 37 seconds.

  2. 12 Jan 2006 - Jon Dustin I read of your search for long-running servers in the Network World newsletter. Although my entry is not longer than the others listed, I thought I would send it along.

    This server was a NetWare v5.1 SP4 that ran in one of our offices, supporting about 50 users. We retired it last summer, consolidated the data in a NetWare v6.5 cluster, and turned the server off. Uptime: 909 days, 09 hours, 14 minutes, and 29 seconds.

  3. Sean Firmston has a "good old PII 233" running Oracle on NetWare 5 in this New Zealand shop. According to Sean, it would have logged twice as many hours but had to be reset for updates. This box is holding its own atop the NetWare 5 entries at 857 days, 20 hours, 53 minutes, and 26 seconds.

NetWare 4x

  1. 12 Jan 2006 - Maikel Rozegarde sent in this screen capture of a NetWare 4.2 server with BorderManager 3.5 which is used for building a vpn tunnel to a offsite location. Uptime: 1639 days, 03 hours, 20 minutes, and 10 seconds!.

  2. Thomas Keans sent us this screen shot saying, This is on an old Compaq PC running SAA for about 100 users. It has been running since the last admin left so I don't know why it was rebooted the last time -- or if that is when it was installed. The vendor it connects to is getting ready to go 3270 on their side so this server will soon be gone." Uptime: 1607 days, 21 hours, 44 minutes, and 48 seconds.

  3. Bob Mouring sent us this photo of NetWare box in a financial institution he services. This server hosts an MHS e-mail system and a flat file database for the Bank's loan department. It was up for 1589 days before Bob had to take it down to upgrade it to NW5.1 and merge it into another tree. Before the upgrade, it was up 1478 days, 18 hours, 05 minutes, and 41 seconds.

  4. Paul Martin sent this shot in from a server running at the Portsmouth Local Authority in the UK. He "sadly" had to reboot this server after 1038 days to upgrade the support pack from 6a to 9. This particular server serves as a file and print for a small department and as its remote it runs backup exec 7.5 to back it up. Uptime: 1038 days, 02 hours, 01 minutes, and 35 seconds.

  5. Rusty Morris sent us this screen capture from a server in RR Donnelley at the Harrisonburg Manufacturing Division. This particular server is being used as a backup server for the NDS tree. It's been up 1020 days, 03 hours, 40 minutes, and 00 seconds.

  6. Ralf Martin sent this capture from one of his Storck Service GmbH servers. It's been up 1006 days, 04 hours, 38 minutes, and 22 seconds.

  7. Bruce Barr sent us this screen capture of a NetWare 4.11 server at the "Federal Agency" where he works. According to the RCONSOLE screen, this workhorse has been up for 889 days, 5 hours, 5 minutes, and 29 seconds. That's nearly two and a half years without a reboot!

NetWare 3x

  1. Updated: 10 Nov 2005 - Charlie White sent us a new screen capture of his NetWare NFS Server running on NetWare v3.12 showing that it's still running strong and has been up now for over 6 years!

    It's running on a 486 with only 16 MB of RAM and gets a serious workout all day with bi-directional printing and file sharing between NetWare and UNIX. It had a small memory leak that finally got fixed with 312ptd. Prior to 312ptd he had to reboot it once a year, otherwise the screen capture would reflect something closer to 9 years. It's still going strong with a constant 56% cache. It's been up 2263 days, 3 hours, 47 minutes, and 59 seconds.

  2. 12 Jan 2006 -Dan Rusek sent in this screen shot of a NetWare 3.11 server. It ran for: 2174 days, 10 hours, 49 minutes, and 25 seconds.

  3. Paul Payne with Synovus Financial Corp. sent us this evidence that his 3.12 server has been running for 2073 days, 8 hours, 16 minutes, and 4 seconds. (That's more than 5.5 years!)

  4. Peter Machill sent us this screen shot from the Thomas Cook AG firm in Germany. They've been running a NetWare 3.12 server continuously for 1780 days (that's a few weeks short of 5 years!), 19 hours, 22 minutes, and 35 seconds.

  5. 12 Jan 2006 - Gert ter Burg sent us this screen shot that was taken in August 2003. The company he works for was at that time moving into new buildings. While going through the servers in the server rooms they found this NetWare 3.12 server that had been up for 1677 days. The server had to be shut down and was removed. Uptime: 1677 days, 22 hours, 56 minutes, and 43 seconds.

  6. Sam Garmoo sent us this screen shot with little more details. We can get from the capture that he's running NetWare 3.12 that's been up for 1521 days, 19 hours, 02 minutes, and 20 seconds.

  7. Jim Erickson sent us this "archival" screen shot of an SAA gateway they had running on NetWare 3.12 and an "old IBM PC". This capture, taken back when color monitors were too expensive to be used on servers, shows uptime of 1089 days, 15 hours, 58 minutes, and 01 second.

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