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Speeding Up the NetWare 6 Migration Wizard

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By Jason Hite

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Posted: 5 Aug 2002

Version: NetWare 6

Be sure to read the tip from Kristie McCusker below.

I saw the tip about boosting file copying while upgrading to NetWare 6 (Cutting Restore Time by Improving Transfer Speed), and wanted to share a secret that I use when I do upgrades.

When upgrading using the Migration Wizard, the volume copy typically runs really slow. You can move the data to the new server via a workstation copy, or a backup/restore much quicker. Then run the volume copy, let it gather all the trustees, then when the actual copy starts abort it. Continue with the wizard and it will finish the upgrade/migration for you, trustees and all without the painful file copy.

Maybe a trustees only option in the next Migration Wizard release would be a good thing?

Jason is a CNE6 working at Embee Technologies, a Platinum Novell Integrator. He can be reached at

More advice from Kristie.

In response to Jason Hite's tip about speeding up the migration wizard; If you copy the volumes over manually first -- either via restore or through explorer -- you do not need to start the volume copy and abort to just get your trustees.

When you select Volume Copy, When prompted to copy your volumes over, highlight each volume and select "do not copy". Then you can continue with the next step without having to abort any copy and still get your trustees!

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