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Novell Certificate Server Classes for Java

Certificate Server for Java* enables you to access the Certificate Server API directly from your Java programs. This API provides a JNI interface to the native Certificate Server API, which is supported on all eDirectory platforms.


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What's New

October 17, 2007


  • Updated source code to the 3.3.0 version. New features include:
  • Support for the SHA-2 signing algorithm.
  • Support for forcing the acquisition of a new CRL rather than using a cached CRL during certificate chain validation.
  • Support for User and Server Self-Provisioning via new SecurityRightsLevel APIs.
  • The capability to require Write rights to operate the CA via new SecurityRightsLevel APIs.
  • The capability to allow any authenticated user to cause the CA to issue an emergency CRL via new SecurityRightsLevel APIs.
  • Support for the PKCS#8 Private Key type in the NPKIT PEM types.
  • Changes to support 64 bit versions.
  • A flag for NPKIGetServerInfo that is used to remotely start the Server Health Check.
  • A flag for NPKICreateDefaultCertificates, which will cause the default certificates to be re-created if the CA has changed.
  • Changed NPKICreateDefaultCertificates to automatically add subject alternative names when creating the default certificates.
  • APIs to configure the new KMO Export functionality which can export a KMO's certificates and private-key to the file system in a format consistent with Apache or OpenSSL Servers. (This functionality is not needed or available on NetWare.)
  • Various bug fixes.


  • Added Javadoc links to the new classes added with the 3.3.0 release: NPKI_AccessDescription, NPKI_ExtAIValues, and NPKITcsr.


  • No changes.


Novell Certificate Server Classes for Java

Novell Certificate Server Classes for Java require:
  • The JNI interface for both PKIAPI and NPKIT, which is contained in npki.jar.
  • The latest JVM.
  • The same dependencies as Novell eDirectory.
  • PKI code (3.3x) will run on eDirectory, but the following new features are supported only in eDirectory 8.8.x and above:
    • Certificate Server creation of CRL distribution points.
    • Functionality that creates and uses PKI Container object(s).
    • Functionality that creates and uses CRL Configuration object(s).
    • Functionality that creates and uses CRL Distribution Point object(s).
    • Issuing CRLs.
    • Revocation of certificates.
    • Support for Subordinate CAs; that is, having the Organizational CA be subordinate to either a third-party CA or another eDirectory tree.
    • Support for 4096 bit key size; that is, support for key sizes greater than 2048 bits.

    Note: Although the new features listed above might work on eDirectory 8.7x, they have only been tested and are officially supported on eDirectory 8.8x and above.


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