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ODBC Driver for eDirectory

ODBC Driver for eDirectory™ provides you with the ability to perform SQL calls to Novell eDirectory. You can create reports showing user accounts, group memberships, and account balances contained in your directory, using standard tools such as Crystal Reports* and Microsoft* Excel.

In developing applications that use the ODBC Driver for eDirectory, you can use eDirectory just as any other ODBC data source, such as Oracle* or Sybase*. You can also use JDBC*, using the JDBC:ODBC bridging technology.


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What's New

October 2006


Fixed the following defects:

  • Fixed bug gpf with multiple updates.
  • Fixed the bug Crash with msquery and aux class.
  • Fixed the defect - ODBC uninstaller not available.

March 2006


Fixed formatting issues.

October 2005


Fixed the following defects:

  • Crystal Reports generates an error when reading a boolean attribute.
  • If the date for any attribute is not set within the range of January 1, 1970 - January 18, 2038 and the attribute is read, the driver crashes.
  • Performance problems with linked tables.
  • Performance optimization for joint queries.
  • Disabled status dialogue for release builds.

27 June 2005


Fixed the following defects:

  • Installer is not prompting for the creation of default NDS database.
  • ODBC driver is not listed in the Add DSN section of ODBC Data Source Administrator in Control Panel.
  • Installer is not copying the the Examples, User Defined Tables, License, and ReadMe in the installation folder.

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