5.1 Overview of the BCC Installation and Configuration

The BCC installation and configuration involves the following tasks:

  1. Set up your Novell Cluster Services clusters and ensure that they are functioning properly.

  2. On one node in each peer cluster, install iManager and Identity Manager.

  3. Configure a BCC Administrator user and group, and enable them for Linux with Linux User Management (LUM).

  4. Install BCC software on every node in each peer cluster. Install the Identity Manager driver template only on the nodes where you installed iManager and Identity Manager.

  5. Configure BCC software on every node in each peer cluster.

  6. Create Identity Manager driver sets and drivers for BCC. See Section 6.0, Configuring the Identity Manager Drivers for BCC.

  7. Enable BCC for peer clusters. See Section 7.0, Configuring BCC for Peer Clusters.

  8. Enable BCC for cluster resources. See Section 8.0, Configuring BCC for Cluster Resources.