C.2 Creating an Auto-Failover Policy

By default, no auto-failover policy exists for BCC. You must create an auto-failover policy for each cluster in your BCC where you want auto-failover enabled. This is required to automatically fail over resources from one cluster to another.

  1. In iManager, under Cluster Membership Monitoring Settings, select a cluster and click the Edit link.

  2. Under Membership Threshold, select the Enable check box, select either Percent Fail or Nodes Fail, and specify either the percentage of failed nodes or the number of failed nodes.

    The node failure number or percentage you specify must be met for the selected cluster before resources automatically fail over to another cluster.

    IMPORTANT:Do not use a membership condition of total node failure (either 100 percent or the total number of nodes); the condition cannot be satisfied because the cluster will not be up to report this state.

    If a cluster has been totally downed, you must bring up the master node in the downed cluster, and then run the cluster resetresources command on that node before you begin manually migrating the BCC-enabled resources to peer clusters.

  3. Under Communication Timeout, select the Enable check box and specify the number of minutes that must elapse without any communication between clusters before resources automatically fail over to another cluster.

  4. Click OK to finish editing the policy.

  5. Click Apply to save your settings.