4.9 Identity Manager 4.0.2 Bundle Edition

Business Continuity Clustering 2.0 supports Identity Manager 4.0.2 Bundle Edition (64-bit) with the latest patches applied. Identity Manager is installed on one node in each peer cluster. Identity Manager is required for synchronizing the configuration of the peer clusters in your business continuity cluster. It is not involved in other BCC management operations such as migrating cluster resources within or across peer clusters.

IMPORTANT:Before you attempt to modify the BCC configuration or manage the BCC-enabled cluster resources, ensure that the Identity Manager node in each peer cluster is active and Identity Manager is running properly.

4.9.1 Downloading the Identity Manager Bundle Edition and Patches

The bundle edition is a limited release of Identity Manager 4.0.2 for OES 11 SP1 that allows you to use the Identity Manager software, the eDirectory driver, and the management tools for iManager.

Go to the Novell Downloads Web site and download the following:

4.9.2 Credential for Drivers

The BCC License contains the credential that you need to use Identity Manager drivers beyond the evaluation period. In the Identity Manager interface in iManager, you can enter the credential as you create each driver for BCC, or you can put the credential in a file that you point to.

4.9.3 IDM Components

Before you install Business Continuity Clustering on any cluster node in any peer cluster, you must install the following IDM components on one node in every peer cluster:

  • Identity Manger Metdirectory Server (the IDM engine and Identity Vault)

  • eDirectory Driver

  • iManager Plug-Ins for Identity Manager

For information about installing the IDM components used by BCC, see Section 5.2.2, Installing the Identity Manager Components Used by BCC. For general instructions, see Installing Identity Manager in the Identity Manager 4.0.2 Integrated Installation Guide.

4.9.4 BCC Cluster Resource Synchronization Template for the eDirectory Driver

The BCC Cluster Resource Synchronization template is applied to the eDirectory driver to create BCC-specific drivers that automatically synchronize BCC configuration information between the Identity Manager nodes in peer clusters. The template is added on the iManager/Identity Manager node when you install the BCC IDM module (novellbusiness-continuity-cluster-idm.rpm).